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Insurance People used to receive health insurance for themselves and their family, get paid time off and sometimes even received a .pany car for working for a certain .pany over a long period of time. These Dallas employee benefits helped employers encourage the best workers to stay with the .pany offering the benefits. Today, Dallas group health insurance have be.e much less .mon in some industries. People working in service jobs in the service industry don’t receive as many benefits, if any at all. This is because there is an expected high turn-over rate among service industry employees. Nowadays, at least part of health insurance costs has to be paid for by workers themselves. Sometimes a .pany may cover half or three quarters of the health insurance cost for the employee, but not cover any of the cost of the employee’s dependents. Dallas group health insurance is usually more expensive than individual health insurance coverage. Employees may be able to save money by covering their spouse and children in an individual health insurance plan instead of their .pany’s group health insurance plan. But firms employing smaller numbers of workers must pay higher premiums to spread out the insurance risk. So what options are available for an employer wanting to offer medical insurance at reasonably low costs? A way to lower the costs for the .panies is a high deductible Dallas group medical insurance plan. This covers employees for catastrohic health costs, while employees may pay out of pocket for more of their health care expenses. Despite this the employees can purchase a medical insurance gap plan that can cover all or part of their deductible risk. Many small Dallas .panies still have no choice except to offer high deductible coverage because of the high cost of covering their employees. This may leave some employees with existing healh conditions to remain uncovered by the policies or to wait for services. This is still an important benefit to employees even though they have to bear a portion of the costs. Many presidential candidates have recently addressed the need for universal coverage but none have offered a concrete plan. This would include insurance for all Americans not just employed individuals. Because of our current system, it will be many years before we will see this happen. Even though we spend more per capita than any other nation. Clerks, maids, salespeople, delivery people, and more all work for an hourly wage with no Dallas group health insurance. If they are sick, they lose pay and often have no employee benefits. If they are sick for more than one day many employers require a note from the doctor before returning to work. So that they not only lose pay, they must pay to .e back to work. These are the people who end up working most of their lives at the same type of job. Many employees in small Dallas businesses today will not receive even basic coverage or benefits. Dallas employee benefitshave be.e a thing of the past for small businesses. Often the only people who receive benefits are employees of larger businesses, or government employees. Smaller businesses and startup businesses in Dallas often struggle with the high costs of running a business About the Author: 相关的主题文章: