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Vision-e Re-launched Emaps On’s Appexchange, The World’s Leading Business Apps Posted By: Sydney Hardison Fairfield, NJ, February 03, 2014 – Vision-e today announced that their number one app, eMaps, leverages the Google Maps API for Business to ensure Salesforce users have a cost-effective choice for their mapping needs as, after today, their Find Nearby mapping package will no longer be available without a Google agreement. The detailed announced is available on the Vision-e website. Vision-e is offering new eMaps customers a significant discount to help in the transition. A coupon code is available on their website at Comments on the News Salesforce announced that, effective Feb 1, 2014, the "Find Nearby – Accounts, Contacts, Leads" AppExchange package does not have a commercial agreement with Google. Salesforce users with this application will need to obtain a Google Maps API for Business license to continue using this package or work with an AppExchange solution that has an agreement with Google. Vision-e is the most advanced, easiest to use, most affordable AppExchange mapping solution with an agreement with Google. Product Key Features eMaps is reliable, quick to implement, and easy to learn.

Vision-e Perfect Online Data Visualization With Html5 (javascript) Gauges? Posted By: Tatyana Ufimskaya

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