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Treatment of 21 tobacco control complaints – Environmental Protection — original title: during the National Day National Day period dealt with 21 cases of complaints to tobacco control for Beijing residents and tourists who can really enjoy Beijing good smoke-free environment, Beijing tobacco control volunteers use "eleven" holiday to carry out tobacco control advocacy and inspection activities. Beiqing Daily reporter learned from the Beijing Tobacco Control Association yesterday. More than 60 volunteers visited 211 restaurants and bars during the holidays, handling 21 complaints, and posted 507 unqualified labels. The complaint of the "smoke-free Beijing" WeChat public and the "one picture of tobacco control" are the main channels for volunteers to obtain clues to the complaint. In the inspection, the volunteers were able to dissuade the illegal smokers in public places and find out the smoke on the ground. Against smoking complaints in the "smokeless Beijing" public, volunteers went to the scene to verify and help improve. Chaoyang District tobacco control volunteers Liu Li told reporters BYD, during the national day he is responsible for the control of Chaoyang District complaints are mainly concentrated in the Taiwan ball hall, bars and other entertainment venues and restaurants etc.. Relatively speaking, increasing complaints about restaurant than usual, this was also during the National Day dinner, eating out the increase in the number of relevant ", Liu Li said," the complaint handling difficult in some places, such as the Olympic Park and the bird’s nest, places a large area, there is a bar at night, place of business, to volunteer and supervision of law enforcement personnel work difficult". (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)

國慶期間處理21起控煙投訴–環保–人民網 原標題:國慶期間處理21起控煙投訴   為了讓北京市民和來京旅游者能夠真正享受到北京良好的無煙環境,北京市控煙志願者們利用“十一”假期開展了控煙宣傳和巡視活動。北青報記者昨日從北京市控煙協會獲悉,60余名志願者在假日期間對211傢餐館、酒吧等進行了巡查,處理投訴21件,為張貼標識不合格單位張貼禁煙標識507張。   “無煙北京”微信公眾號的投訴以及“控煙一張圖”是志願者們獲取投訴線索的主要渠道。在巡查中,志願者們對在公共場所違法吸煙的人員及時進行勸阻,發現地上的煙頭進行清理。對“無煙北京”公眾號裏收到的違法吸煙投訴,志願者們趕赴現場進行核實,並幫助改進。   朝陽區的控煙志願者劉裏對北青報記者說,國慶期間他所負責的朝陽北區控煙投訴主要集中在台毬廳、酒吧等娛樂場所以及餐館等。“相對來說,餐館的投訴比平時有所增加,這也跟國慶期間聚餐、外出就餐人數增加有關”,劉裏說,“有些場所投訴處理難度較大,比如奧體公園和鳥巢,場所面積大,還有就是酒吧等,夜間營業場所,都給志願者和監督所的執法人員工作開展帶來了困難”。 (責編:孫紅麗、伍振國)相关的主题文章: