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Acne The incidence of poison ivy rashes is usually reported more during the summer season or hot weather as there are more people engaged in outdoor activities and events such as yard works, camping and hiking in the woods. Poison ivy rashes are due to the oil irritants in the skin called urushiol where the rash occurs and it is a form of contact dermatitis. The oil can continue to cause skin problems if it contacts the skin in additional places so be on guard for hidden places it may be hiding. For instance, you have to check the bottom of pants, tote bags and other items that may have been touched by the poison ivy plants. Your skin would have a .bination of blisters, burns, sores, and bumps as well as red lines on the body that are very itchy when you got a poison ivy rashes. For some people, dry patches and blotches occur and the skin seems to look similarly to a burn. There may also be fluid in the blisters of the skin that may sometimes very painful. Also, it isn’t very .mon but for some people that are being affected by a poison ivy, they are somehow feeling being burned and may find their lungs being affected due to the irritation. This substance is very powerful and can actually affect the body in a number of ways. It is very important to identify your rash properly as one may have mosquito bites, contact dermatitis from something else in the environment or a different rash than one caused by the plant. Some people have heat rashes, but confuse it with the rash from urushiol. Once it is positively identified, immediately wash the area and use an antiseptic for prevention. Many people keep calmine lotion in the home and car, because it is essentially useful to reduce the itching and burning effect. Like in any other irritations, prevention is key and wearing the proper kind of clothing is ideal especially when one is on a nature trail, gardening or other outdoor activities. Remember that it is a way that can make a difference. Somehow, many people pick up poison ivy from working in their own yard and are not out in the is better to teach your children about tree leaves on plants and how to identify the plant properly so they would avoid poison ivy rashes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: