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Department of Defense: the first domestic aircraft carrier ". The value of more temperament" Beijing News (reporter Jia Shiyu) yesterday, Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian at a regular press conference, concern for the China the first domestic aircraft carrier aircraft carriers, said "it has more value in the external color, temperament."". The reporter called the net transfer photos showing the hull assembly near the completion of a reporter’s question that the recent media coverage of the construction of China its first aircraft carrier, the Internet has also spread the carrier "high value Yan" photos, showing the hull assembly has nearly completed, the construction work is nearing completion. Excuse me, how long will this aircraft carrier leave? Is there a timetable? Wu Qian smiled and responded, "I can tell you is authorized, the first domestic aircraft carrier building progress smoothly, is advancing according to plan. On the high value you mentioned, I think that is only half right, we made this aircraft carrier ‘both external color value, more inherent qualities." The first domestic aircraft carrier has many aspects to improve last year’s defense ministry last routine press conference, Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun confirmed to the media: China is independent in the design and construction of a second aircraft carrier. The ship is under construction in Dalian, a displacement of about 50 thousand tons, the conventional power plant; equipped with homemade fighters -15 aircraft and other types of aircraft, fixed wing aircraft with a ski jump takeoff way; the ship will be equipped with various types of equipment to meet task needs. The design and construction of the second aircraft carriers absorb the useful experience of the Liaoning ship research and training, and will be improved and improved in many ways. China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship in September 2012 officially delivered to the navy. In August this year, the conjecture Science Daily has issued a document on the first domestic aircraft carrier Liaoning ship and the distinction between. The report quoted the navy military expert Li Jie’s view that the first indigenous aircraft carrier ship island should have no small change, the invisible design and adjustment of electronic equipment layout, improve space utilization is represent the general trend. Compared to active Liaoning ship, the first domestic aircraft in the formation of the formation of combat power cycle will be shorter. – the focus of "army 18 army downsizing into division" pure speculation for the spread of the Internet "army 18 Army division will be down to the news," Wu Qian said in response to the Beijing News reporter at the press conference, the report is purely speculation, inconsistent with the facts. Reporters noted that recently, Hong Kong media reported, sources said, the existing part of the 18 army group will be adapted into 25 to 30 divisions. At present, the size of each group of troops ranging from 30 thousand to 100 thousand. Changed after the army 18 army of the whereabouts of concern. In May this year, the Beijing News reporter combing found that with the official media continue to disclose the news, the army’s 18 army has been clearly defined ownership. Among them, most of the army under the jurisdiction of the central zone, a total of over 5 army. The number of army ranks second is under the jurisdiction of the northern theater, a total of over 4 army. Specifically: the former Nanjing military region first, 12, 31 army over the eastern army; the fourteenth army of the Chengdu military region and the Guangzhou military region forty-first, 42 army over the southern theater of the Chengdu military region; the Thirteenth Army and the original Yu Lan相关的主题文章: