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Don’t tear force, no – [lead] tourism travel Sohu this may be the most China "story" travel public no.. Welcome to pay attention to the travel writer Liu Xiaoshun after 80 (Liu small Shun public number: lxslvxing), along with small Shun travel will continue to provide the most unique global travel story! "Past tense" – season second – [18, no tear force, no travel] our travel team is doomed to die, because the contradiction between planted the seeds from the beginning. Dylan hate and feet of Aaron, the more I love not self-centered and lack of Dylan, head band LV and is the first out of a backpack, often make some humorous mistakes also feel behoove, and I only get along harmony is Xue mei. Sometimes I can’t help but want to get angry, Xue sister will come to do. She told me in private, in fact, she was on the matter of people and I feel almost, but could not give up the fate of the journey, even if it is uncomfortable all tolerate down. At night in Bhaktapur, Dylan went to bed early, he has a long face plate, and others have followed the mood is not good, LV bath, sitting on the bed to play mobile phone, I have some stuffy, ready to go out to stroll around, Xue Mei and Aaron came. The night of Bhaktapur is more like a ghost town, it seems that the Millennium unchanged ancient temples are the real masters of our ordinary people are just a passer. I, Xue Mei and Aaron quietly walked aimlessly, who do not speak. Because it was too quiet around him, we passed a small temple, suddenly heard there was a traditional Nepalese music, we are curious to go in, see a small folk music band, they sat on the floor, each holding strange instruments played and sang, revel in their own songs. One middle-aged uncle saw us standing in the doorway was, he beckoned us to sit beside him. It was a little feel shy, but middle-aged uncle kept waving, shengqingnanque, we had the cheek to walk. I saw a middle-aged uncle holding a book, painted portraits of Hindu God, if not wrong, they should be in the prayers. After the agreement, I come up with a mobile phone to the video, I always call my sister Xue handsome beat drums in the corner, and I think that we came in the middle-aged uncle more interesting, because he sang love when my eyes closed down, like a cute doll of clay. Then, the small free Nepal traditional concert in Bhaktapur I become the most impressive thing. The second day we wake up, the back of the room, just in Bhaktapur around the circle, this small team began to have some to be rather baffling estrangement, go all the way, nor how naughty, I feel stuffy. Then we know that we live in the small square had not Durbar Square, as for what is the name now has Wucongkaozheng, anyway, after we find the real Durbar Square, where the shadow, then hurried back to Kathmandu. The photo was the only one of us.相关的主题文章: