Do you have second beautiful faces Good enough to count in the circle of sultry beauty hands (video)

Do you have second beautiful faces? Good enough to count in the circle of the hands of the sultry beauty for rival beautiful people have no resistance, if not Yan, hand is beautiful enough, then rise in the public mind is good for dally! They say that hands are second faces! Hands look good, give people a good impression will rise, like Wang Kai, his hand to meet the number of manual control!!! Almost beautiful to suffocation…… Star Charm sultry sign action Fan Ye Fu legs moving hand lazy basic requirements: slender finger is not fat, see Beck but not too big, nails clean and short! Gianna Jun this pair of white hands to scare anyone, so supple skin is to lead who envy! Sure enough legs beautiful hand is also very beautiful! Tang Yan is a beautiful name sugar hand, wearing leather gloves with only half thumb is white and tender to a few days ago just changed the metal Manicure sugar generous show hand close-up, attracted everyone exclaimed one. Ten fingers slender, delicate skin, slender finger! Simply complete beauty ~ ~ (Venus face.Jpg) "bounty hunters" campaign, even wearing leather gloves, hand is mostly obscured, but still could not conceal the Qianqian jade hand! But you think these are easy to get it, until the small Bian turned over Tang Yan’s micro-blog, Elmar, as well as the original hand yoga ah! Liu Yifei’s sister Liu Yifei has the perfect face, did not expect the hands are so perfect! Suet jade generally transparent skin color, smooth and delicate skin, even the shape of the nail is also long and beautiful! As the word is used to describe the onion in her hand! Sun Li this is the name of the u.s.! You know, "Zhen Huan" The Legend of Zhen Huan hand close-up is all their own battle Oh goddess mami! Please do not shoumo! Pale and slender, empress hand beautiful ~相关的主题文章: