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UnCategorized When you love TV, such as the millions of other people on earth – it can be overwhelming when you are trying to keep up with all of your shows. One thing I really like to do to keep up with all my ABC shows is to check out channel guides online. Some of these guides will even let you set little reminders which will email reminder emails to you about the shows you want to watch on ABC. In a lot of cases, most of us know our show hours and days like the back of our hand. But sometimes there might be a new show .ing on or a new movie of some sort of and we want a little reminder to help us out! Hey, I have totally been there and done that. These ABC channel guides are 100% free and they are really really easy to use. Just go to the ABC channel website, find the channel guide and the time and voila – all your shows and moves available to you. Incredibly fast, and very convenient – especially if you are online 24/7 like me. Hey, a girls gotta work! So what if I wander on over to ABC once in awhile! Shows on ABC include: According to Jim AFV – America’s Funniest Home Videos The Bachelor Better Off Ted Brothers & Sisters Buzz Hunters Castle Cupid Dancing With The Stars Desperate Housewives Extreme Makeover: Home Edition The Goode Family Grey’s Anatomy Homeland Security USA In The Motherhood Watch Full Episodes Jimmy Kimmel Live! Life On Mars and more! Oh by the way, if you watch other channels as well, which I’m sure you do – there are other channel options on these guides as well. If you have it on your cable TV then chances are they have it on these guides. Just gotta do some searching. but its still really easy just cross-reference the channel by the time and you will find all your favorite shows – and maybe some you didn’t even know about! Also, if your lucky enough some of these channel guides online will allow you to watch sneak peaks or even full episodes. If you want to find the episodes or the videos just look on the top of the web page and there should be something like "watch videos" or "watch episodes available". These are .pletely free as well. In fact, if you ever do have to pay for them – you are probably not on the official site: ABC, NBC, CBS etc. Have fun! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: