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Do you think I am with blush but it is sensitive to heart muscle plug now coincided with the summer season, Amy sister recently appear on the face a lot of red knots, gorgeous allergic skin, when it comes to the season followed suffer, do not know if you have no similar experience, see the background there are many woman asked about sensitive muscle problems today, sister invited well-known beauty beauty expert P teacher gave us a good talk about how to maintain the sensitive muscle. Beautiful magician small P teacher 1, what is sensitive skin? Sensitive skin is a special type of skin, the facial skin is subjected to external physical, chemical and thermal stimulation, easy erythema, papules, telangiectasia and other objective symptoms with itching, tingling, burning, tension and other subjective symptoms. Strictly speaking, the sensitivity of the skin is not a disease, but a skin barrier due to damage caused by skin sub healthy state. According to the causes of the disease can be divided into primary and secondary. Primary heredity, sex and age factors; the secondary is mainly composed of inflammatory skin disease (acne, eye dermatitis and topical drugs (corticosteroids, vitamin A acid, salicylic acid), inappropriate skin care and whitening. In particular, with the air pollution, weather changes, abuse of hormone drugs, skin care products improper use or even changes in eating habits, the incidence of secondary skin sensitivity is also getting higher and higher. 2, daily life which acts may damage the skin barrier function? 1) stay up late: the night is the time to repair the body, long-term stay up late will make the cell to recover more slowly, a variety of skin problems will find you! 2 when ointment skin care products: skin papules, erythema, molting, many creams can play a role in the short term, but long-term use, will cause hormone dependent dermatitis. 3) wash water is too hot water temperature: the higher the more likely to lose the protection of the skin grease, hot water wash will make the skin capillaries become weak. 4 mask deposited too long: a lot of people think that the mask deposited on the face of the longer, the more adequate nutrition absorption. In fact, the mask is too long for the skin is not breathable, affecting the normal absorption of mask and oil secretion, but hurt the skin. 5) excessive exfoliation: excessive cleaning and exfoliating will destroy the skin’s sebum layer, the damage can be skin, a week 1~2 times to scrub on it. 6) strong light exposure: exposure will cause skin aging, and even cancer, so do not be lazy sunscreen oh! Sensitive muscle maintenance 3, there is a natural sensitive skin? If there is, and the outside world caused by skin sensitive and what is the difference? Allergic skin is a kind of dermatitis symptoms, because of the allergic substances in the body caused by allergic reactions in combination with allergic symptoms. The sensitive skin is the skin itself is more fragile than normal skin allergies, need special care. Sensitive skin is also called the tolerance of the skin, the main reason is the skin barrier defense function is weak, easily suffer from the environment, mood and cosmetic irritation redness, itching, peeling, tingling or even inflammation. Sensitive skin allergies, skin allergies and not necessarily sensitive skin! It is natural to have sensitive skin, it is difficult to distinguish between their lives, but the skin is generally relatively white;相关的主题文章: