Easily prepare for the Tianjin TEDA fear Shenhua-97179

Easily prepare for the Tianjin TEDA is not afraid of the last round of Shenhua win Team Yatai, Tianjin TEDA team "one foot" has come ashore, the team officers finally unloaded a heavy burden of relegation. In this case, TEDA team tonight ushered in the Shenhua team challenge, although opponents in the week in the FA Cup semi-final on ice for most of the main players can occupy certain advantages, but the light of the TEDA team, is expected to continue in the last round of the state, the home court advantage lay with Shenhua game. Before the league, because of the pressure of relegation, Pacheco had to be limited in Paibingbuzhen, players also play some fluctuation, but with the defeated Team Yatai round, TEDA team pressure is suddenly reduced, this fight the rest of the game has a positive meaning. Because of this, on the night of Caichang training, smile again in the players face in the grab ring training, we still joking with each other, the training atmosphere is very relaxed. It is worth mentioning that the Pacheco players in the warm-up are not too much, but the team and Liu Xueyu ran around, which shows Pacheco’s mood is also very good. "In my time, take some time to know their physical condition and situation, this time shorter than I imagined, now the mentality of the players better, got the proper fraction, behind also will play a great game." Pacheco admitted that the team is currently in good condition, the players are relaxed, the fight with the Shenhua team match very helpful. Of course, in the basic landing case, TEDA team still expect impact to a higher ranking, so when it comes to the game with the Shenhua team, the team is still showing enough confidence. From previous experience, there are 6 points will be able to completely avoid relegation success, but not satisfied with this, we still want to win this game. Even relegation, every game we will win." Pacheco said that the team can continue to beat expectations state Team Yatai round, Shenhua team beat home court. Considering the last round of the team is doing well, said Pacheco against Shenhua team, personnel and tactics will continue on a game arrangement. However, Shenhua Football in the midweek cup and Suning team suspended most of the main players, showing the TEDA team’s attention, but last night the Shenhua team gave up on, keep enough mystery. But Pacheco said he was very understanding of Shenhua TEDA team is not afraid of the opponent, "we on Shenhua team is also very understanding, not what secrets, I believe that the two teams understand each other. Today, I also spoke at the meeting, the opponent has rotation, but we will not be poor, the body energy in training, we have a good training." Pacheco said, TEDA team has found a way to suppress the Shenhua team.相关的主题文章: