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Health Do you wonder if speech therapy is truly beneficial for children on the autism spectrum? Obviously a speech-language pathologist is considered an expert in the field of communication and an autism diagnosis must by definition have characteristics of a language disorder. However, when a child with has significant challenges in communication and social understanding it often seems that progress moves at a snail’s pace in all areas of development. It should be encouraging to know many effective treatment strategies have been identified for ASD. The National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders has identified 24 evidence-based practices that have been shown to be effective based on scientific research: Antecedent-Based Interventions (ABI) —— Computer-Aided Instruction Differential Reinforcement —— Discrete Trial Training Extinction —— Functional Behavior Assessment Functional Communication Training —— Naturalistic Intervention Parent-Implemented Intervention ——Peer-Mediated Instruction Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)—— Pivotal Response Training Prompting —— Reinforcement Response Interruption/Redirection—— Self-Management Social Narratives—— Social Skills Groups Speech Generating Devices/VOCA —— Structured Work Systems Task Analysis—— Time Delay Video Modeling —— Visual Supports Speech therapy utilizes almost all of the 24 evidence based practices with children on the autism spectrum. Interventions should be matched to the child’s need and characteristics to be most effective. During treatment, a speech therapist will often combine many strategies, but some that are most frequently used in Murphy Tx speech therapy for children on the autism spectrum are: task analysis, naturalistic training, pivotal response training, social narratives, computer-aided instruction, visual supports, prompting and picture exchange systems. Parent training is always an important part of treatment as well. Again, the interventions used depend on the unique needs of each child. For families in Murphy Tx speech therapy is available at Speech & Occupational Therapy of North Texas. Contact us to learn more about our expertise with autism spectrum disorders. We are always available to answer any questions a family may have concerning their child’s development, free of charge. For more information visit www.speechandot.com. ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) is available next door to our East Plano location through ABA of North Texas 相关的主题文章: