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Eight factors cause gout, you caught it? Sohu – healthy gout is a group of diseases caused by long-term purine metabolic disorders and elevated serum uric acid. Long term increase in blood uric acid in the joints and surrounding tissue deposition. The big toe root joints most frequently involved gout, but also common in other parts of the foot, knee, wrist, finger joint and elbow joint. Gout can also occur in patients with visceral damage, the most common is uric acid in the kidney caused by gout and kidney stones. On the specific predisposing factors of gout are described as follows: 1 obese people who are superior to the diet. It was found that the average weight of gout patients exceeded the standard weight of 17.8%, and the greater the body surface area, the higher the level of serum uric acid. Obese people lose weight, the level of serum uric acid can be decreased. This suggests that excessive intake of excessive body weight and a rise in serum uric acid levels. 2 of patients with hyperlipidemia about 75%-84% of gout patients have hypertriglyceridemia, and some have hypercholesterolemia. Gout patients in order to reduce the disease, should reduce weight, achieve physiological weight standard, appropriate control diet, reduce hyperlipidemia. 3 the effect of long-term alcohol consumption on gout patients has three aspects: (1) can lead to increased serum uric acid and blood lactic acid, which can induce acute gouty arthritis. (2) increase in purine. (3) diet often eat more high protein, high fat, high purine foods, the purine digested blood component also increased after in vivo metabolism leads to increased serum uric acid level can induce acute gouty arthritis. 4 the incidence of hypertension gout in patients with hypertension is 12%-20%, about 25%-50% of patients with hypertension. Patients with untreated hypertension, increased blood uric acid accounted for about five of the causes of gout, including diabetes, diabetes mellitus in patients with 0.1%-0.9% accompanied by gout, hyperuricemia, who accounted for 2%-50%. Some people think that obesity, diabetes, gout is a triple "modern society killer", gout is not a single disease, and cardiovascular system, endocrine system are inextricably linked, and therefore should pay attention to patients with gout disease, not only to the treatment of gout, but also to control other diseases, their health. This situation can make better. 5 diabetes mellitus patients with 0.1%-0.9% associated with gout, with hyperuricemia accounted for 2%-50%. So the disease can be the cause of gout. 6 some young people living without the law of life without law, global song and dance halls, playing mahjong, playing electronic games, such as the Internet, often is all through the night. The irregular way of life, will disrupt the human body biological clock rhythm, metabolic disorders, increased physical acid, and gout occurs, it explains some of the time, the most prone to gout in young people’s theory. 7 the pressure is too heavy in the white-collar workers, suffering from rheumatism相关的主题文章: