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Eleven, it is necessary to eat good! Sohu eleven, eat well, it is necessary to say that if one of the most anticipated year is a holiday, I think, in addition to the Spring Festival is the eleven holiday! Eleven, it is the best season of the year, but also a good time for everyone to travel! But in recent years travel is increasing year by year now, you go to see the attractions? No Is to look at people, from the public,?! So stay in Beijing is also a good choice, and the autumn weather is getting cooler, people’s mouth, nose, skin often appear dry feeling in different degree, so today Xiaobian to recommend some fluid nourishing delicacy! "After summer lotus, autumn lotus should be cooked lotus root, raw food should be fresh, cooked food should be strong and old" colorful Yunnan restaurant · beautiful lotus Lily skillet soothe the nerves, eliminate fatigue, a moistening cough effect of colorful Yunnan restaurant · Tremella lily lotus seed yam Sydney stew: its characteristic is not hot dry however, weak body health, men and women, old and young, are suitable for eating colorful Yunnan restaurant · colorful yam pot walnut: can warm the lung Dingchuan, and main climatic characteristics of Nourishing Qi, Runzao Runchang autumn is dry, lack of moisture in the air, the body also is lack of water. However, light drinking boiled water, and can not completely resist the negative effects of autumn dryness. Colorful Yunnan restaurant · peach with wild fungus in ancient China had to deal with the dry autumn diet recipe: "towards brine, late honey soup." In other words, drink boiled water, water is easy to lose, if in the boiling water to add a little salt, it is not so easy to lose. During the day to drink salt water, evening drink honey water, this is a good way to supplement the body of water, it is the autumn health, resist aging diet prescription, but also can prevent constipation caused by Qiuzao, is really one. Eleven you are still in Beijing, you will come to the colorful autumn taste Yunnan restaurant!相关的主题文章: