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Employee sacrifice holiday, internal meetings, Samsung is suffering the most serious crisis of science and technology Tencent [editor’s note] "fortune" magazine recently wrote that the Note 7 explosion and fire accident, Samsung immediately recalled the mobile phone. In order to damage the machine on the Samsung brand reputation dropped to the lowest point, the entire Korean giant company all the way up and move. In the past month, executives internal meetings and employees sacrifice holiday, Samsung is a dynamic set up a special team to all-weather track of social media, to understand whether Note 7 has a new explosion accident. After more than a month of effort, Samsung said most markets, including the United States and South Korea market, have completed the recall of Note 7. But for Samsung, the trouble is far from over. Samsung mobile executives high Dongzhen is scorched by the flames had to lower the head to face the pressure, he apologized to the public. However, the house is double whammy, Samsung wants to eliminate the Note effect of explosion door 7 once again this Wednesday to burst, a new version of the Note 7 and the safety of the flight in the United States out of trouble, regulators may once again open investigation, Samsung even need to open the second round of the recall. In addition, as one of the world’s most radical hedge fund, Elliott Management also continues to put pressure on Samsung, require the company to split, and dividends to shareholders of $27 billion. Completely out of luck Note 7 officially released in August this year, the high Dongzhen had been to other colleagues to show off their luck. He early became the helm of the world’s largest mobile phone maker, and shortly after the entry, Samsung will reverse the decline, for two consecutive years of revenue and market share fell a record completely dead. However, the high Dongzhen luck ran out completely. Note 7 is a sound, not only got the global airlines ban, also became the world Internet joke, for Samsung recall criticism is can be heard without end. At the same time, Note 7 a shock also let Samsung’s market capitalization evaporated nearly $16 billion. Samsung, who declined to be named, insiders said that this is the most serious crisis encountered by the company, it has a direct impact on our products, brands and hard to establish consumer trust." In an interview with Reuters, Samsung said it does not consider the management to adjust their core task is to complete the recall of Note 7. Insiders said the company Samsung mobile phone sales will need to quickly back on track, so the fourth quarter results will not be too ugly, Samsung can continue to ground yourself in the market of the king. If Samsung can not solve this crisis quickly, will become the biggest loser." Another unnamed Samsung insiders said. At the same time, he said Samsung’s management did not blame each other for the recall of Note 7, they are still quite united. Last week, Note 7 TV advertising has been officially broadcast in Korea, while Samsung will also provide additional incentives for users to buy Note October in. Urgent time, heavy task, although three.相关的主题文章: