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Book-Reviews Looking for a magazine to help live every day to the fullest? Everyday with Rachael Ray is the perfect Magazine to do just that! Everyday with Rachel Ray Magazine features everyday tips and tricks to make your life more enjoyable. A subscription to Rachael Ray magazine can help you spend more time with family and friends and less time in the kitchen; with simple recipes, shortcuts and preplanned menus. Rachael began her career on a local TV network in upstate New York and then branched out and became well-known world wide with the success of her national TV show on the Food Network, 30 Minute Meals. The idea of a gourmet style meal in such a short time frame appealed to every day women around the world and catapulted Rachel to world wide fame. In 2005, Rachel Ray came out with her very own cooking and life style magazine entitled, Everyday with Rachael Ray. The title of this magazine is very appropriate because it focuses on the everyday woman (and man). This full size glossy magazine does not only focus on cooking delicious recipes for the at-home chef, it also gives practical advice on food destinations and entertaining. This is a magazine would make a great gift subscription for anyone interested in cooking as well as celebrity life styles and travel. Everyday with Rachael Ray takes readers around the country to meet people who love foodfrom top celebrities to authentic artisans to great home cooks. Each issue of Rachels magazine features sections on travel, style and entertaining. With simple solutions, delicious hordervers, and creative decorating ideas; a subscription to Racheal Rays magazine can help everyone throw the ultimate party. This magazine is not only geared toward the partygoer and thrower, it also covers issues important to families; like easy school lunches and healthy suppers for kids. Rachel Ray actually started a charity called Yum-o that is dedicated to feeding hungry children and educating kids and families about health and nutrition. Rachels giving sprit doesnt end there; she also is focused raising awareness about the environment. Each month features household and personal items that are eco-friendly. The magazine is actually printed on recycled paper. I have many other food and gourmet cooking magazine subscriptions , such as Gourmet Magazine , Saveur Magazine , and Bon Appetit Magazine . All of these magazines subscriptions have a place in many households where cooking and food is taken very seriously. Most everyday people however; just want a magazine subscription that will fit into their busy life style, not take it over. Rachael Rays Magazine is the perfect accompaniment to a demanding schedule. Like most people out there, I am constantly busy with daily chores and jobs, for all my magazine subscription needs I go straight to one place – www.SubscriptionAddiction.com – they have cheap magazine subscriptions at every day low prices all on one website. Every thing you need all in one place. www.SubscriptionAddiction.com and Everyday with Rachael Ray have more in common than I thought! For More Information:- ..subscriptionaddiction.. 相关的主题文章: