Expert electronic evidence will become the key to the financial security of the

Expert: electronic evidence will become Internet financial security key Xinhua Fuzhou September 14th news (reporter Huang Pengfei) with the domestic Internet finance to further standardize the development, information security has become the focus of industry. National Information Center, director of the center for electronic data forensic Ye Hong said that electronic evidence will play an important role in the field of judicial expertise in the fight against financial crimes, the key to protect the financial security of the internet. The third big data financial forum held in Xiamen on the day before Ye Hong said, "Internet +" has brought substantial changes to the financial industry, one of which is the electronic data instead of paper contracts, vouchers, challenges in facilitation at the same time. National Internet financial risk analysis of the latest monitoring data display technology platform, as of August 20, 2016, the Internet financial platform found abnormal website 4064, Internet financial sector vulnerabilities total year-on-year growth of 181.9%. Ye Hong said that the vulnerability of electronic data leads to data loss and easy to be copied, deleted, tampered with, will have an impact on the traditional identification of the Internet banking industry. For electronic evidence, whether the security of the data system, the identity of the producer is true, whether the evidence is deleted or tampered with, whether the evidence is related to the case will become the key to judicial authentication. The judicial organs and the management departments pay close attention to industry trends, in the field of electronic forensic evidence issued a signature, software including data consistency, data recovery and retrieval supporting standards, provide a reliable basis for the technology unit. China Electronic Commerce Association and the state information center, the electronic data in the judicial identification center during the meeting launched a joint development of the "Electronic Commerce Association China anti fraud system", the system will have electronic evidence preservation, blacklist sharing, risk control and other large data, when the development of e-commerce and Internet banking industry to provide information security service. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: