Experts speculate that America Falcon 9 explosion due to low-level errors (video)

Experts speculate that America "Falcon 9" explosion due to mistake the evening of September 1st, space exploration technologies (SpaceX) of the Falcon 9 rocket explosion in the static ignition test, and burn together Israeli rocket carrying the Amos-6 satellite. Fortunately, no casualties in the accident. The Falcon 9 rocket explosion caused $200 million Facebook satellite was destroyed after the release of SpaceX, said in a statement, in accordance with the standard procedures of propellant, rocket upper stage liquid oxygen tank accidents caused by abnormal. Aerospace experts, "international space" magazine executive editor Pang Zhihao analysis, the cause of the explosion may be due to electrostatic sparks and other factors in the process of filling, or the large amount of propellant. "I think it was a mistake." He said. "The explosion source in the liquid oxygen tank position." Aerospace experts, Chinese aerospace hospital two researcher Yang Yuguang said that although the liquid temperature is low, but is very dangerous, the slightest mistake could cause accidents. For example, ordinary flammable substances will only slowly burning, if splashed liquid oxygen and fire, will produce a violent explosion. Yang Yuguang said, the Appollo plan had occurred two times of catastrophic accidents, one is the Appollo spacecraft training on the ground, the cabin oxygen produced intense burning, the astronauts were killed; another is Appollo 13 spacecraft due to mixing oxygen tank exploded, causing the failure of the mission. "Oxygen and oxygen dangerous high purity." He said, "if there are problems in the filling of liquid oxygen, or with liquid oxygen tank for operation, is likely to cause an explosion." At the same time, Yang Yuguang said that the explosion may be another rocket two sub class or satellite engine ignition. "The rocket control system is very complex, and a small number of factors can cause fatal errors." He said that the former Soviet Union had such a tragedy: due to operational errors, the launch pad on the first two rocket ignition, the rocket explosion, resulting in the killing of hundreds of people on the scene. But the rocket complex structure, can not rule out other causes of the explosion. Pang Zhihao said, for example, a device due to failure of overheating, such as the European Ariane rocket was a multi residue left arrow in the explosion, there is a possibility. The accident caused a lot of attention to the company’s SpaceX static ignition test. Yang Yuguang said, this is the company’s unique skills". To the best of his knowledge, other countries and companies are not the mainstream of the launch vehicle. Static ignition test is to use a fixed device to lock the rocket on the launch pad, a sub engine ignition, to test its reliability. Yang Yuguang said that the benefits of this test method is closer to the actual flight, you can determine the state of the engine. At the same time, Yang Yuguang said that the rocket’s entire set of tests, the more complex the cost of flight processes. SpaceX shortcut, directly to the rocket assembly, with payload, buckle fairing, transported to the launch pad test, save a lot of cost. However, on the launch pad ignition itself is high risk, if only to find the lack of engine thrust, the engine can be closed in a timely manner; but there is an explosion, is the star burned, The loss outweighs the gain. High reliability and low cost!相关的主题文章: