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Exposure hammer T3 has been certified 3C Foxconn foundry on the hammer T3, yesterday, there is bad news, rumors were originally scheduled for September 7th hammer T3 conference postponed. Better late than never, however. Before the industry crazy pass, the hammer T3 has been in the Foxconn pilot, now this rumor seems to have been verified. National Quality Certification Center information display, hammer technology a new model for the SM919 24 in the 3C certification, taking into account the usual style of SM at the beginning, this new machine should be a hammer T3. 3C certified public information display, hammer T3 by Shenzhen Fu Feng Precision Industry Co., Ltd., which is part of the global OEM king Foxconn. In addition, the hammer T3 charger model CD901, support 3.6-8V 3A, 9V 2.67A, 12V 2A output, should be supported by Qualcomm QC3.0 fast charging technology. Hammer T3 spy on the hammer T3, in addition to the configuration upgrade, the biggest concern is the appearance design. Many before the exposure of the spy photos, hammer T3 changed the bar button design, but in front of the circular Home key for this kind of Apple design, hammer powder love?相关的主题文章: