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The FA Cup analysis: low water level compensation Cambridge away can be unbeaten – Sohu SMG football Thursday 003 FA Cup: Dover VS Cambridge game time: 2016-11-18 Friday 03:45 Europe Index: 2.39 3.30 2.81 0.78 1.10 asian handicap: tie event analysis: 2016 Brazil League thirty-fifth round by the Dover home court against Cambridge united in Dover 6 round 4 wins 1 flat 1 negative results, the team recent League performance. Cambridge nearly 6 matches, 2 wins 1 flat 3 negative results, the team in the League winning mixed, both historical nearly 1 war ended in a draw. Handicap analysis: the disc open deuce plate, handicap, the situation facing the basic than, Dover had at the draw in Cambridge, then the home court to a low water is absorbing too. Europe, the mainstream companies found claim at the stable water level below 2.40, notice the main – water cut after Ladbrokes is higher than William Hill, with sub plate does not support the potential of Dover, the Dover to win. SMG recommended: 10 Shengping Fu asian handicap recommended: Cambridge相关的主题文章: