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Internet-Marketing If you are not already familiar with Facebook marketing and social media networking, you are missing out on a significant amount of highly targeted traffic. If done correctly, all of this traffic can be yours for free. All that is required is some time invested on your part. Without wasting any more time, lets get you making some money with this free traffic. Facebook, The King of Social Networks Facebook has been gaining market share at an alarming rate; and it is by far the biggest social networking site available. What does this mean for us marketers? It means there are millions of people within these networks who are potential leads for our business. Can you imagine what a few million people would do for your bottom line? Dont get carried away just yet. As with anything worthwhile, successfully tapping into Facebook marketing is quite time-consuming and an elaborate process. But dont despair, because people are profiting from Facebook already. Are you ready to take action to get your share? Joining Niche-Related Facebook Groups Facebook has thousands of groups that are free to join and hundreds being created by the hour. You are definitely bound to find some groups that are in your niche. These groups are gold for any marketer because it literally gives you access to thousands of targeted people who are already interested in some way in what you are trying to sell them. The key with these Facebook groups is getting members to invite you as friends. To accomplish this, start posting on the discussion boards, post ideas and tips and answer others questions. Just go in there with the mentality of making friends. Eventually, if done correctly, you will have people inviting you to be their friends and you now have leads for your business targeted to your specific niche. Do This With Facebook If You Want To Mess Up At this point, you should have a few potential leads as part of your friend network on Facebook. Now you need to continue to establish your reputation with them. It is extremely important you dont go in and try to sell them immediately. You have to treat these people as your friends. They have to know that you are trying to help them, not trying to pitch them a product. Imagine how used they will feel if as soon as you add them as a friend, you send them a message trying to sell them something. These people added you because they thought of you as a friend, and more importantly, an authority in your specific niche who is willing to help them. Dont blow it with a premature sales pitch. Successfully Engaging Your Facebook Friends Now that you know what not to do, lets discuss something that you should do that will eventually net you some sales. Your status updates are a very powerful feature. Post useful information to your Facebook friends. Let them know some things about your life, engage them with your story, get them posting comments on your profile. At that point, when you see that your Facebook friends are engaged with you, then you could start hitting them with subtle marketing links. This means directing them to a blog with an affiliate link, NOT directly pitching a product right on your Facebook. Create a blog post with useful information, and then link your buddies to it while adding a subtle affiliate link in there. That is the best way to get your friends to convert into sales. If you do this correctly, you should have an ever-growing stream of traffic to your site or blog every time you have something useful to say. Expanding Your Facebook Empire Joining groups and posting on discussion boards is great, but why limit yourself to someone elses group? Facebook allows you to create your own group that you can market to. This is by far the easiest way to get a large list of people interested in your niche, together in one place. Invite your friends to the group, let other groups in your niche know about the group you just created, and continue to grow your empire. You have to treat your own group as a list because you can message all of your members at once whenever you like. The key is to grow your list and put in action the tips learned previously in this article. To recap, do not spam your group. Add real value to your members and they will be much more receptive to your advertising. Closing Nuggets When doing Facebook marketing, always remember that people love putting a name to a face. Make sure your profile and your groups both have plenty of pictures and videos. If possible, get a few of your friends together and hang out, tag people in your pictures and videos if they where there, and continue to grow your business virally. Remember that successful Facebook marketing and social media networking is not something you can do in a day; it may take weeks or even months to implement everything correctly. 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