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False positive with mad! Why are you always cheated by early pregnancy test paper? Sohu maternal and child early pregnancy test paper, is simply a piece of magic paper, pinning us very deep hope, like transcripts… It is difficult to see two bars, although there is not a deep enough, but it is indeed the two bars! Weak positive is also a result of it! That is pregnant? Some sisters will be measured, and then to test a blood, and so on, the heart is blocked, the official said: not pregnant. This is embarrassing, why the early pregnancy test paper reaction, but not pregnant? Come and see. Early pregnancy test paper test principle, mainly in the detection of urine HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). Women in pregnancy, placental trophoblast cells will secrete HCG, can be discharged from the urine in the glomeruli, simply, is the urine of pregnant women will contain a large number of HCG. In general, non pregnant women in urine, almost no HCG. Early pregnancy test paper is through the examination of urine HCG, to determine whether the pregnancy. Early pregnancy test paper in the world, is very simple, in their eyes, detect your urine contains HCG, that is pregnant, did not measure out, is not pregnant… Careful sisters will find a truth: in fact, positive or not early pregnancy test paper, directly indicate that your urine contains a certain amount of HCG, but does not directly indicate that you are pregnant. There is a key question in the urine of HCG, whether it is due to pregnancy? In general, yes, but in some cases… Pregnancy test "false positive" and "false positive", is our own statement, referring to the pregnancy test showed positive or weakly positive (more weakly positive), but not in normal pregnancy. Under what circumstances will be false positive? > > > > below 1, the urine will contain non pregnancy induced HCG listed several possible scenarios: the use of large doses of HCG for ovulation; hormone therapy in the luteal phase, continuous injection of HCG injection; in synthesizing HCG tumor cells, such as hydatidiform mole, choriocarcinoma, bronchial carcinoma and renal cell carcinoma; body hemolysis and hyperlipidemia; egg withered; etc…. The above situation, may lead to weak positive early pregnancy test paper. > > > > 2, early pregnancy test paper detected in the urine is not wrong or only contain a small amount of HCG, early pregnancy test paper is weak or even strong Yang yang. Under normal circumstances, the sisters will not have the first case, more likely to be this kind of. This is mostly due to the operation and test paper quality problems caused by [detection error]. Operation, we must be in accordance with the instructions, there is not much to say. Because the quality of test paper, test paper of different brands, the concentration of HCG standards are not the same, some "sensitive" point, there may be weak positive; in addition to save paper is also a problem, if more than 1 years, or accidentally, did not pay attention to the preservation of damp in normal room temperature, may test)相关的主题文章: