Finally wait for the! Sea King mainland box office breaking billion y580

Finally wait for the! "King of the sea" mainland box office breaking billion since last Friday in the mainland since the official release, "the king of the city of the sea king" on the rise of a lot of animation fans attention. On the first weekend and gains of 50 million yuan at the box office, it can be said irksome. And at the end of the second week, another good news came: the cumulative box office has exceeded the 100 million yuan mark. This result is created in 10 days time, for a day of the diffuse version of the film is definitely very good. Because next week "magic" where is animal with "detective Conan: Black nightmare" will be released, so this week can be broken million, can be said to have so many pirates fans breathed a sigh of relief. After taking into account the "Naruto Bo biography" the box office is 103 million, then a few hours, should be able to go beyond the old rivals Huoying it? In this regard, a lot of friends said: "the Japanese animation is about to rise in china!" "Delectable but he gratifying." But some people think may be 2D or better than 3D traditional animation the animation more awesome, so worry about the next to your name "death pupils. "Performance. In this regard, Tencent animation will also focus on the full day of the recent days of the film version of the box office progress. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: