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UnCategorized It is .monly said that half of all marriages performed in the United States will end in divorce. That statistic isn’t .pletely accurate because there are a number of different factors that can be correlated with divorce. For example, according to the Enrichment Journal, the divorce rate for a first marriage is 41%, second marriages are at 60%, and even 73% for third marriages. These percentages are pretty typical when .pared to other studies about divorce. It seems that it is harder to maintain a marriage or blend a family when there have been previous marriages. It has also been shown that most .mon age for men and women to get divorced is between 20 to 24 years old. With all of this information, we can clearly see that divorce is prevalent in our country. Divorce lawyers are available to help you or someone you love who is struggling to deal with a failing marriage. There are many things that are affected by divorce. Not only does each spouse separate from one another, but children are affected as well. Interestingly enough, couples with children have a lower divorce rate of 40% .pared to couples without children who have a divorce rate of 66%, according to the Discovery Channel. Children who are used to have two parents in the home have to adjust to a one-parent household. If they are lucky, they will have visitation often with the other parent. The family members and friends of each spouse are affected and friendships can turn awkward or bitter due to the failed marriage. However, no matter how hard the reality of dealing with a divorce will be, those who have struggled with a failing marriage or have had loved ones deal with a failing marriage know that a divorce can be a healthy alternative. Divorce lawyers have the knowledge and experience of practicing family law to make sure that you will be protected. Many people without the knowledge about their rights have ended up signing something that binds them to an unfair .promise and can make their lives horrible. These mistakes can be very costly and that is just one reason why it is smart to have a divorce lawyer on your side. Most divorce lawyers offer a free consultation so you can get some answers to your questions and hopefully gain a little peace of mind during this time as well. Remember that sadly, divorce is .mon and you shouldn’t feel ashamed in asking for some advice on what to do if you find yourself in a situation like this. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: