For the NBA China match Pelican rockets – Sohu focused make only superficial changes in

For the NBA China match: Pelican rockets running – Sohu make only superficial changes focus on sports and a month of time, is the New Orleans pelicans and Houston rockets in the Chinese match debut time, two teams have begun their own pre-season training camp. For the New Orleans pelicans, they need to solve the injury caused by changes in the lineup in the shortest time, but the Rockets need to focus on their own offensive running, the two teams in the Beijing show is perhaps the cornerstone of their new season. A recent period of time for the pelican, the day is really not too much, the reason is very simple: the team because of various causes of lack of personnel is too much. U.S. media said yesterday, the team striker tailike – Evans will miss the team’s training camp, or even because of rehabilitation miss the start of the new season. In fact, this is not surprising, Evans had three operations in the past 9 months, this obviously requires more recovery time, the last season, averaging 15.2 points, 5.2 rebounds and 6.6 assists for the game not the Almighty striker, coach Gentry is a huge loss. But these are not the only Pelican loss: they Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson lose players in the market, which makes the team in the back and forward positions of the two have reduced thickness, is the starting point guard Disasters pile up on one another., holiday because of sick wife, declared no deadline to leave, although the holiday " family; the concept of basketball is more important than " not what it sounds wrong, the pelican also show common agreed to his request, but the team line-up on the hole is real. And coach Gentry had hoped that Pelican can visit Evans, holiday and rookie Hilde three in the pre-season training camp and then determine their respective strategies, but this appears to be no hope. The problem must be solved: The Pelican is set to sign free agent Stephenson, Davies also has the core inside from the shoulder and knee surgery recovered, eyebrows brother decided in March to undergo surgery, after half a year he needs to assume a core responsibility. Compared to the pelicans, the Rockets are much more stable: after determining DAntoni in command, the Rockets have been preparing for the new season. Little Van Gundy, in an interview before the forecast of " the Rockets can win 50 or more games in the new season, " apparently there is considerable confidence in the space city attack. One side is around the eyebrows reconstruction, the average age of the side is to further reduce the pelicans, break harden and Warcraft, leaving a large beard to attracted DAntoni blasted the Rockets, two teams in the summer the amplitude of no small change, after the summer league and training camp, they will be in the fall to Chinese show their entire race, during the preparation of efforts in Wukesong, and the new season may show the strength and performance. As Chinese NBA fans can start before a sneak peek at season, is also a lucky.相关的主题文章: