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Foreign media: Li Xianlong said the non allies defense cooperation is not directed against Chinese – Sohu military channel map information: Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong’s speech in the Australian parliament. Reference News Network reported on October 14th: foreign media said, Singapore and Australia’s prime minister says 13 days, Chinese should not take Australia and Macao North expansion by signing the training facility agreement to strengthen military cooperation, as of Chinese containment. According to The Associated Press reported on October 13th, according to the agreement, Singapore will contribute to help expand the military training facilities in Queensland. Singapore’s prime minister, Li Xianlong, said the agreement is part of regional cooperation, "I think that Singapore and Australia can not be regarded as a group against china. We are good friends, but not allies, and we are not enemies of any country in the region". Australian Prime Minister Malcolm? Turnbull said, the United States in the Asia Pacific military presence in the past 40 years to support regional stability and prosperity, "phenomenal growth, especially Chinese growth, thanks to the peace foundation. The United States can not praise too much about the importance of our region". According to the new defense agreement, the Australian Army to enter the Australian training base every year for 18 weeks, the number will increase from 6600 to 14000. According to the Reuters reported on October 13th, the vice chairman of the Central Military Commission Chinese said Fan Changlong met with Australian Defence Force Commander Binskin in Beijing, China is willing to work together with Australia, actively promote the healthy and stable development of military relations. Fan Changlong also said, "I hope China Australia in the South China Sea issue cautious words". According to the website of the Broadcasting British Corporation reported on October 13th, China military officials warned in a meeting with visiting Australian military officials, hope that Australia is in the southern Chinese Sea issue with caution, as. Fan Changlong, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission of China, 12, met in Beijing, China to participate in the defense of Australia, the nineteenth strategic consultation of the Australian defense forces commander Binskin. Australia had supported the United States naval patrols in the South Sea cruise and machine China was sent to the disputed islands China accused.相关的主题文章: