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Forum one: the new economy under the new normal real estate services futures record Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Roundtable: under the new economic norm of futures markets in the real economy Sina Financial News on September 9th news, to grasp the new norm and create a new pattern "as the theme of the first 2016 Chinese (Zhengzhou) International Futures Forum on September 9, 2016 – 10 held in Zhengzhou. This will be China’s central and western regions focus on the first international futures market. Moderator: Chinese Commission of the International Advisory Committee Zheng Xueqin panelists: Deputy General Manager, general manager of the deputy general manager Xi Zhiyong ZCE general manager Xiong Jun’s general manager Wang Fenghai, general manager of gold Hu Zheng bank financial institutions Tong Xuewei of the Ministry of Construction Bank financial market trading center Lei Ming Deutsche Borse Beijing chief representative Si Yuanzhong to discuss question: how to promote the futures and derivatives market innovation in 1 under the new economic norm; 2 how to make better use of derivatives entity tool service economy; 3 of China’s futures market and futures internationalization prospect. The following is a round table forum record: Moderator: Thank you! The bosses of the exchange, please everyone all know the futures market is a critical period, the theme of the three points, the first is international, second is innovation, third is an international outlook, the so-called new normal our understanding is actually this will be opened after all of us is an inspiration, learning the president said today we call this futures business with our national economy than it is very small, because many of our commodity economy are the highest in the global consumer, trade is also the first country, the actual pricing is actually own the most, President Xi also told us to change the unfair the financial order, we are one of the financial development, the most important is the internationalization of futures, we say it is not a simple let Chinese in foreign countries Trading is not the introduction of foreign people in China transactions, but in the transaction process, we focus on three topics today, we bear in the general manager to speak, to exchange ZCE great management place, follow the development of the new normal how should move in this direction!         Xiong Jun: Thank you, Dr. Zheng. First, as a host, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you!         I will initiate the new normal understanding has several features, one is the speed of change, from the original into a very rapid growth in high growth, then the structure optimization, there is a growing dynamic change, just past the G20 summit, President Xi a an authoritative statement, we study together, General Secretary Xi said, Chinese economic development has entered a new norm which is China economy to a more advanced form of.相关的主题文章: