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France blue Fei to see the beautiful new incoming? Memorable   think of as crazy – Fashion – fashion is like this, when you came to the edge of it, are just a irrelevant background, you look four, do not change with the trend of the aesthetic is still fresh, the long silent, and those fashion gimmick, is hard to find traces of ashes to ashes. Beauty is the eternal existence, even if the interpretation of the way there are millions of species, it is still not independence, true beauty has a strength, let you see the unforgettable thought such as mad, real beauty will give you strength, let you face life face life. Lan Fei of the new season, the quiet aesthetic interpretation, pale Silver Natural and noble heritage is the ultimate mining, multidimensional comprehensive quality artisan spirit, finally presents the aesthetic trend of the one and only. Tulle is always the magnificent imagination, aesthetic style is the darling of the upper part of the body carved pattern and delicate bright pearl, let noble rhyme contrast, when feminine with noble temperament, which is kind of rigid and soft and chuchentuosu. The same color, when the gauze embellishment, the pattern of the protagonist, and the wind is particularly significant, the chest deep V effect will once again highlight the charm of women, fishtail skirt designed to lengthen figure outline female graceful curve, do you think beauty is the myriads of changes such as a frog, in fact it is the case. When the design of tradition, stitch more genuine chapter in the original design of dress, the material and the details of the breakthrough, to create a beautiful exclusive styles, crowned with life quality. Lan Fei, with a builders of the heart, will we see the ultimate interpretation of aesthetic trend, a leisurely dress to hit, a brand also appeared in which pure heart. (Jiang Qi, commissioning editor: Li?)相关的主题文章: