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Business Since the fourth quarter of last year, province and the country’s foreign trade data in general negative reading, the city’s exports are running high for several years a sharp decline in orbit, but government support led Socks Cluster advantage into .petitive advantage, .panies under the function of independent innovation, foreign trade situation is thriving Datang Socks, contrarian gains across the board. 1-6 months of this year, Datang Socks .plete export 2.6496 billion U.S. dollars, up 10.3%, far higher than the national, provincial exports socks up by 3% and 4.68% increase. "Datang socks, Americans know that." Shakespearean Knight Zhejiang Socks Co., Ltd. is the city’s largest exporters of socks, the first 7 months of this year, with exports amounting to 16.96 million U.S. dollars, up 29.01%, of which 90 % of the sock exports to the U.S., the U.S. Wal-Mart, TGT .pany, Kohl’s three long-term supplier super store. Luo Ji, general manager up that important because Tang has unrivaled cluster edge, and is now being converted to .petitive advantage. Luo Ji-up to give an example to the raw materials Datang Socks have a mature market, a large group of manufacturers, from ingredients to the proof, a few hours .pleted in other areas, this speed is clearly incredible. This Cluster in the .petitive advantage in the global economic downturn, when the population increasingly apparent. According to Municipality latest data to the end of July 2009, Datang Socks exporters from the end of the 215 to 245, decrease of foreign trade continued to expand in the city where ,1-July Datang Socks exports of 332.1 million U.S. dollars to achieve and maintain an increase of 6.6% over the previous year. "In recent years, corporate brand building has been the single government point of our efforts, the brand into hosiery industry tide over the difficulties of magic." Tang Yuan Zhigang, said the town party secretary, under the guidance of the policy incentives, more breakthrough Datang Socks dependent on the path of enterprise innovation. In 2007, "Datang Socks," a provincial-level regional brand, and now there are only three of China Datang Town, famous and eight well-known trademarks in China, giving Datang Socks export enterprise to win the right to speak on the pricing. Zhejiang Socks Co., Ltd. R & D spent a year and a half out of UA sports shoes, as an American businessman in the Asia Pacific region only producers, but did increase before the June exports up 56%, increasing 19.86% year on year unit "quantity by rising values, "a virtuous circle. According to Zhao, general manager of Zhejiang Socks are introduced, the product has been quickly occupied 30% of exports of enterprises, export volume in July this year, arrived in front of last year’s number. More and more little-known enterprises Datang socks are another way to "professional, excellent, unique, new" independent enterprises. Zhe Jiang Jinyu Knitting Co., Ltd. After a year of research, a special production of fashionable women socks, in Hong Kong by a "multinational force" .posed of the design studio, has so far invested more than 1000 million, 1500 total balance of the development of new products, design to create all those socks from Zhuji, a popular species in Europe. Game Bang Knitting Garments Co., Ltd. Datang town is a professional production and export of small and medium socks, this year, Yuan Min, general manager of the old mouth hung a "Free" word. He said the financial crisis did not affect the rigid demand for socks, but the advantages of high quality to poor quality to win more market, the .pany booked in October. "In addition to product, more socks enterprises begun to focus on building a global supply chain." According to the Deputy Secretary of Foreign Trade of Zou Lan, in addition to the original part of the hosiery manufacturers in Russia and other direct marketing products, this year to open up markets in other parts abroad business increased significantly, Smith Barney, Zhejiang, Zhejiang Sheng Feng, Zhe Jiang Xinyang, Zhe Jiang Airong, Zhuji resistant socks up and a number of .panies in the U.S., UAE, Australia, Chile and other countries direct product. Socks in Datang contrarian up the process of foreign trade, government departments, associations have played an active role. This year in April, city Socks Hosiery Association Alliance issued a standard developed to reduce the low-cost .petition and disorderly .petition. Municipality issued several warning Socks foreign trade, a timely reminder of foreign trade enterprises, while at the Canton Fair, Las Vegas International Fashion Fabric Exhibition, Shanghai China International Knitting Trade Fair for exhibition quota, .bined with the Foreign Trade Bureau of the launch of the "big Tang Socks "overall brand exhibition debut Chinese and foreign investors. Fair is preparing for the ninth socks Datang town government has issued more than 100 invitations to foreign merchants, to attract more foreign trade opportunities, which in the first time in the history of socks Fair. In addition, a area of 80 acres, is planned to ac.modate 72 stereotypes production (production capacity up to 200 normal shape of small enterprises) Datang stabilization-type cell has .pleted the initial planning, land leveling work has been .pleted. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: