From the end of the Liaoning armored car hijacking suspects do what compensate for years msvbvm60.dll

From the end of the Liaoning armored car hijacking suspects: over the years "do what compensate" suspect Li Xuyi arrest scene. Original title: Liaoning hijacked truck out of control when the suspect Li Xuyi was on track, his wife Zhang Meiling led the police found him. It was September 7th at 9 pm, Dashiqiao bank robbery from Li Xuyi escort car has passed 8 hours. Husband and wife more than ten years of life, so that Zhang Meiling has a kind of intuition, her husband at home. Zhang Meiling in the University home district lottery work station, across the street, Fenghua Yihe village. The official information display, Li Xuyi in the armored car robbery, who drove to the village and Fenghua underground parking garage, and take 6 million cash. Li Xuyi has been in the two district have bought a house, but in order to cash flow, have been sold. Since the first half of the year, Li Xuyi and Zhang Meiling with her 12 year old son, staying with relatives home together. It is in an old building, the ground floor some sinking, they lived on the top floor of the five floor, no water heater installed in the room, a bath to brother Li Xuliang home. The same day, Li Xuyi was found under the bed at home, he was wearing a white T-shirt, no resistance. "Not business material" in 2001, 20 year old Li Xuyi veterans returned to Lee Datun village where he was born, brought back the four honors and two medals. Li Xuyi is the eldest son in the family, his grandfather more than and 10 years in the village of village party secretary, the onion uncle Li Jimin (WeChat ID:boyangcongpeople) the memories, in the army’s nephew won several awards, is the home of the pride of the people. He worked in the army, much stronger than our common people." A villager recalled, many villagers high hopes for Li Xuyi, hope he campaign for the village director, led the village to get rich. "But he thought he was young, he wanted to break through." Li Jimin said that Li Xuyi had a lot of ideas about getting rich. Li Cun, flat, light enough, villagers planted corn, but Li Xuyi felt that corn is not making money, he turned into a kind of watermelon, watermelon. Li Xuyi was arrested at home under the bed. Beijing News reporter Liu Ziheng photo but it turned out that Li Xuyi’s idea is just wishful thinking, corn or watermelon income were not much different, which makes him greatly disappointed. Li Jimin recalled, many attempts were then Li Xuyi raised sheep, raising chickens, doing a store, but without exception, have not seen improvement. He bought an electric tricycle, sold rice chaff, the income is not stable. "He has a career, but not a business." Li Jimin gave his nephew a definition. Li Xuyi’s economic situation improved from mother Wang Yan. In 2006, Wang Yan turned to the development of Dashiqiao, the labor contractor, she let Li Xuyi come to the site to help. A worker remember, Li Xuyi is Wang Yan’s errands and driver in the site, there is no decision, things have to find his mother talk. A mother in support, Li Xuyi soon sold the old house in the village, in the Dashiqiao University Garden District bought a house, a city dweller. But Wang Yan did not expect his career began to encounter difficulties. In 2011, when the construction of affordable housing in Dashiqiao Tiger Town, the investment side of China East Asia Investment Co., ltd..相关的主题文章: