Gansu mother stabbed 4 children were found in the event smile, relatives said this year did not

Gansu mother stabbed 4 children were found in the event: smile, relatives said this year did not receive subsistence allowances — Society — Yang Mantang burned four children remains in the vicinity of the incident. Yang Lanfang (sound) on the matter of memories, is the beginning of new shoes from granddaughter. Around five p.m. on August 26th, granddaughter Yang Gailan had dinner with his family at home with four children. The children are playing in the yard, 7 year old daughter Yang Yixue (a pseudonym) is trying to wear new shoes. Yang Gailan did not promise: "don’t go to school tomorrow morning, the two day of school to wear. The dress is early and dirty. When we go to school, we wear new clothes and new shoes." The blue coat and shoes are Yang Gailan in a few kilometers outside the town to buy back. Yang Yixue in Gushan Zhuang kindergarten school, Yang Gailan every day along the road for more than an hour shuttle back and forth, seeing that a few days the children go to school. Since the age of 21 years, Yang has had four children since the age of seven. Yang Yixue is the boss, 21 year old gave birth to her after three years, Yang change orchid gave birth to twins, siblings, and two years later, little daughter was born. Because the family was poor, "social compensation fee has been dragging not to four children in recent years on account. The day after dinner, Yang Gailan with four children go out to the sheep, for a long time did not come back. Yang Lanfang saw Yang Gailan, she sat in the sheep on the slope, one meter wide road, four children lying on the ground, his eyes closed, only the boss has gas, but his face was so big, remember". Yang Gailan sat on one side, calm and still smiling. Yang Lanfang sad and worried, asked Yang Gailan: "you do what is this?" Yang Gailan grabbed her hands, "a milk, I put you care not to live. I want to go my way, you have your, I can not take care of you." "What the hell, what do you say to me." "Get me out of my…… First you (but you don’t understand), I do not say to you." The evening of September 8th, Kangle Gansu county government press office informed that in August 26, 2016 18 PM, Yang in the house after a change orchid road with an axe to his 4 children: Yang Moufan (female, 6 years old, due to blunt objects head caused by head injury), Li Yang (female role. At the age of 5, due to head injury, caused by blunt objects head liver rupture accelerate death) and Yang Mouqing (male, 5 years old, due to blunt objects head caused by head injury) for the twins, Yang moufu (3 years old, female role, due to head injury, blunt object function the head of liver rupture hasten death) after injury pesticides Dutch act. Among them, Yang Mouli Yang Moufu died on the spot, Yang Mouqing died on the way to the hospital, Yang Moufan, Yang change orchid was sent to the county hospital, Yang Moufan died in the evening of 12, Yang change orchid transferred to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Lanzhou University for treatment, on the 29 day at 0:55 in the morning (2, death death Department 4-D butylate poisoning death). On the morning of 9, line director surnamed Kangle County Public Security Bureau lands room on surging news said, in the course of the investigation, the police visited by Yang change orchid’s father and sister learned that, when the 18 year old Yang change orchid himself)相关的主题文章: