Get More Bang For Your Buck With Car Accessories That Deliver The Goods-aizi

Automobiles The sad truth about most factory cars and trucks is that theyre engineered to meet the uninspired needs of the average consumer—people who just want to get from Point A to Point B. As a result, those who demand performance are often left out in the cold. But, aftermarket upgrades, like upgraded Chevy parts, Ford parts and other specialty upgrades, can immediately provide an easy and affordable boost to things like fuel efficiency, stopping strength and overall performance. Here is a list of the most popular car accessories that provide the most bang for your buck. PERFORMANCE BRAKES Whether youve just crossed the finish line of a street race or narrowly avoided rear-ending the boss when tearing in late for work, there are definitely times you have to stop on a dime. The .ponents found in performance-grade brakes are designed to withstand the rigors of spirited motoring. One of the most important .ponents is a set of high-end brake pads, providing a direct replacement for stock pads and surpassing their underperforming counterparts in durability by 20 – 40 percent. Theyre proven to last longer, stop faster and are virtually noise and dust-free. Performance brakes also feature the larger slotted rotors. Similar to a racing car, slotted rotors are cross-drilled and fill more of the space behind the wheel to provide a tougher look while channeling water away from the braking surface. You get maximum bite no matter how wet the terrain. MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR Replace your restrictive stock air sensor with a mass air flow sensor to unleash your horsepower and torque. By replacing your old air flow meter with a mass air flow sensor, you get noticeably faster acceleration and passing boosts. Incorporating advanced programming into the original factory sensor, it works by increasing airflow up to 45 percent and .municates this increase with the engine’s .puter to give you instant gains in low-end torque and horsepower. A mass air flow sensor is fully .patible with your ride because it’s a reprogrammed stock unit, working seamlessly with factory electronics and original settings. THROTTLE BODY SPACERS Throttle body spacers add performance by placing a high-velocity spin on air. They quickly transform your engine’s air supply into a power-packed vortex to improve your air/fuel ratio and provide a noticeable boost in gas mileage. COIL SPRINGS Shocks with coil springs look a lot like the springs youll find in most retractable ink pens. They absorb shock by collecting and releasing energy, providing maximum .fort and wicked handling whether youre zipping around a track or slaloming through a parking lot. HEADERS Headers connect to the engine at the exhaust ports and collect exhaust gases from the cylinders, channeling them into a .mon outlet. This frees your engine from the strain of pushing exhaust gasses and unleashes huge power gains in the process. Typically made of cast iron or fabricated tubing, the best aftermarket headers are made by .panies who specialize in producing reliable, cost-effective headers created specifically for the unique make, model and year of your vehicle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: