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Fix stretch marks, tens of dollars – Sohu baby now 14 weeks pregnant I + 2 is president of pregnancy because the original constitution is very fat but also long stretch marks (striae actually cause fiber fracture and fiber fracture is that it is never restored to obesity, pregnancy, wear more tight trousers can also lead to fiber breakage and is mainly caused by women because of pregnancy) 2 months pregnant when buying a bottle of milk with Stretchmark prevention but that only occasionally colour haven’t painted a few days ago a little stomach itch is estimated to be long stretch marks in the bath began today coated with emulsion, but some people are only with other pregnant mother belly places but not coated with lead belly but no legs, breast size, ass long (but this is because I am the president of It differs from man to man.) pregnancy People so I apply all over the body and autumn winter skin is also very dry coated point on the skin or what I use the brand I am not here because I do not advertise if you want to know if I tell you. Read the original school teachers also said that the method for preventing striae of pregnancy personally feel that this relatively affordable three months pregnant when the bath with 100% olive oil painting belly and other places, while coated side tummy and increase the fiber toughness so it is not easy to cause fracture of fiber thus long stretch marks, a bottle of olive oil as long as dozens of pieces of money and good benefits for pregnant mothers to remember when three months will begin to apply this order from "crazy oh who made the APP user has been Yue KO" share, all rights reserved.相关的主题文章: