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Gold sports industry, he can not see what smart bracelet? The |B12 technology Sohu – remember the Beijing marathon. The butterfly army wears a mask in the run in the haze picture? In recent years, the International Marathon sports events and related national growth spurt, 2011 22, 2012 33, 2013 44, 2014 53, 2015 134. Many people do not understand, this seemingly extreme and boring movement why crazy swept the country? Although from time to time sudden death, injury and other unfortunate events occur, but the enthusiasm of the marathon held throughout the country unabated. According to the latest data released by Chinese athletics: as of May 13, 2016, mainland China’s first half marathon and related events, a total of 113 games. With the "issued document No. 46", capital is also aimed at the beginning of this area around the road running, road running crowd and event services, event operations, event marketing, event management, equipment retail segments such as direction of a large influx of "nuggets". It real fund, China, Jingwei innovation workshops, IDG capital VC has a strong track layout. Seems to have failed to affect the capital of the winter investor enthusiasm for the sports industry. Kaka after a 70 run, accidentally from 2014 one kilometer, "a person from the beginning, the marathon run into second life" start empty-handed entrepreneurial path ", in this lonely and arduous pioneering marathon on the runway, Kaka" burned "his last middle-aged anxiety. Middle age crisis "run" out of the two entrepreneurs "life is a downward parabola, although it can not change the downward trend, but you can slow down a little, away from the point. As a college student in 70s, or the school was born, Kaka and peers, with aura, after graduation there is a vague sense of superiority in the top of the wave. He was born in power machinery, after graduation with a few people to start a real estate project supporting business, at first, everything on the Feng shui. When the financial crisis struck in 2008, Kaka suddenly realized that, in addition to the financial crisis, the midlife crisis seemed to have come in advance. "At that time, the state is very bad, are almost depressed, middle-aged crisis let me decide to run up. "Fear himself too straightforward, he sipped his coffee. With the purpose of weight loss and exercise, Kaka decided to try to run, was just a small area near the night run. In 2009, the introduction of friends, Kaka began to understand the marathon. Kaka took part in his first marathon in November 2009: Hangzhou. Since then, Kaka has become a "Crazy" marathon enthusiast. Kaka still clearly remember their first marathon record: 2010 Xiamen horse 4 hours 37 minutes. Next is the crazy training and competition, one of the most dramatic, November 2012, in Hongkong during the day to run a 100 kilometer steeplechase, second days to participate in the Guangzhou marathon directly in the past, the month Kaka also participated in the marathon in three. Economy.相关的主题文章: