Goldman Sachs Fed rate hike rate fell to 25% in September 660003

Goldman: Fed rate hike in September fell to 25% chance to put pressure on the United States stock market center Brandt’s speech: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market Sina stocks in Beijing on the evening of 13, an economist at Goldman Sachs research report shows that the Federal Reserve is (FED) next week to lose interest confidence, releasing a series of blurred signals in recent days after the decision makers slashed the chance to raise interest rates to 25% in September.  , in a report released late Monday, Goldman Sachs chief economist Hatzius (Jan Hatzius) led the team will increase the Fed’s September 20-21 meeting the possibility of interest rate cut from the previous 40% to 25%. The team also increased the probability of the Fed’s December tightening policy from 30% to 40%. Goldman Sachs economists said Monday, including the Fed governor Brainard’s remarks, a common theme in a series of speech Fed officials is the lack of a clear signal that the Federal Open Market Committee may raise interest rates at the September meeting. These economists also said that the lack of signal is intentional, because if it is possible to take action, the committee will usually try to push the market is expected to raise interest rates. Editor: Li Li SF053相关的主题文章: