Goldman Sachs to prohibit partner contributions to Trump webquest

Goldman partners forbidden to donate to Trump U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks Beijing time 7 days Goldman ban, no company executives to federal or local election donations. CNN reported that the decision directly affects the Trump. In a September 1st letter to the "partners" — their most senior employees — the letters, the compliance department declared to ban them "in any federal election in any state or local officials" donations. The rules also apply to any governor seeking a president or vice president, such as Trump Burns". Trump’s partner, Burns, is the governor of Indiana. Donations to Trump and Mr Burns’s political action committee or super political action committee are also banned. However, the new rules clearly does not prohibit the Goldman senior partner to Hilary Caine donations. Ropivacaine is Senator, while Hilary currently no public. Goldman Sachs about 450 partners must comply with the provisions. Chief executive officer Blankfein is also a partner. About 37 thousand of Goldman’s employees are about 1%. Goldman Sachs said it was based on the Commission in 2010 for all asset managers requirements, prohibit the senior staff to state and local officials to donate. Goldman Sachs spokesman confirmed that the partnership can continue to donate to Hilary, but stressed that this rule change and the presidential election without any connection, it is entirely coincidental. The core idea of this provision is to avoid conflicts of interest, because officials at the state and local donations, do have suspected – in exchange for business opportunities, such as the management of state pension funds or municipal bonds such as underwriting. In fact, there is nothing to lose Trump, because OpenSecrets data show that the election cycle, the total amount of money donated to his employees Goldman Sachs is only $3601. At the same time, Goldman Sachs donated $200 thousand and 9 to Hilary, as well as $100 thousand donated to support her political action committee Priorities USA. The Republican National Committee received $371 thousand and 245 from Goldman sachs. Hilary and Wall Street, especially the relationship with Goldman Sachs, have been repeatedly mentioned in this election. In October 2013, Hilary at Goldman Sachs’s Builders and Innovators seminar speech, received a $225 thousand reward, and this year, she made a total of Goldman Sachs speech three times. Goldman Sachs explained that they also invited Republicans, such as Rice, Powell, etc.. On the whole, Wall Street prefers Hilary, not Mr Trump. E*Trade Financial a recent survey found that investors believe that Hilary was more favorable for the u.s.. This is because President Hilary will continue the Democratic presidential Republican congressional opposition, a political seizure situation, so the Wall Street for the new regulatory Wei相关的主题文章: