Good voice to sing Zhang Wei to sign new ghost – the magic mountain boxing entertainment

"Good voice" to sing Zhang Wei to sign new "ghost" – Divine fist "entertainment Sohu originally, the game of life more ridiculous", from the trailer shows the story twists and unique. Let the audience have more expectations for the film, have to say, it is the gold medal director Wei Nan Trailer players, this has a "Trailer king", "Chinese Trailer founder" title of master, has participated in the production of "thousands of miles", "three gun" and "Thirteen Jinling amazement" hairpin "etc.. This time, although this is the first time to participate in the production of large projects, but he directed the "ghost" boxing movie since the line, click on the rate of rise is very obvious, on-line 53 hours that is broken million, visible, the works of quality and excellence influence should not be underestimated, this film has become the classic network potential. "Ghost fist" blood on the line, large peak to reproduce the "ghost" boxing movie is produced by constellation magic mountain company — Dongyang gentleman sign new bee television media Co. Ltd., Beijing Suzaku Sheng Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Shanghai trigger culture media Co., Ji’nan giddap culture media Co., Ltd. jointly produced by the martial Arts superstar Sammo Hung. The son of Hong Tianzhao, a new era of Kung Fu goddess starring Wei Haishan, "good voice" to sing Zhang Wei special star with his fist to exchange stories. Mainly about the occupation not because of the strength of the extraordinary fighter Luan award-winning, once after the end of the game against opponents were cut off the right arm, then fall into the bottom of life. Deal with the mysterious person in a chance of success continued on the arm, but also into the ghost world arena and transformation of the ghost will launch a victory or death duel. After the encounter JiangMo North Hall and Taoist Yu long lost father, three people together to fight all the way through, the final harvest of freedom and hope. In the movie fight scenes of intense, sincere to the meat, accompanied by the rhythm of movement, P, charm, let the audience can alleviate fatigue, experience pleasure. The film waving fist represents the revolt, carrying the friendship, depicts the true to life blood man adventure and freedom, the pursuit of the ideal of the way to fight with the generation of superstar Bruce Lee "martial arts", fusion light violence and martial arts elements, and use the power source of Fan Siu Wong "King", to create a large peak for. "Ghost fist" will become the "Yin and Yang", following the divine sign after another classic masterpiece in recent years, network film has become an irresistible trend coming from the beginning of last year, entered the network movie magic mountain constellation series, first created a 210 million hit "Mr. Yang Yin", this the film is a tribute to the Hongkong zombie series of films directed by famous domestic thriller directed by Zhang Tao, has become the network movie classic movie. In the network movie outbreak stage, "ghost fist" breakthrough the traditional network series theme, a new form of Kung Fu Show, whether it is in the theme or actor selection on the unique advantages, and achieved "53 hours online that is broken million" success, believe that this film will become a sign following the "Magic Mountain Mr. Yin and Yang" after another classic masterpiece. For the big movie network in the future, the industry said: "the mountain.相关的主题文章: