Google pictures services Google Picasa will be closed in May this

Google pictures services Google Picasa will be closed in May this year, Google Picasa will be closed in May this year, four years, the first update of Google Picasa official blog brings bad news: Google will be closed in May this service. Since Google launched Google Photos, people began to worry about the fate of Picasa, because there are many similarities between the two services, and Google Photos machine learning and automatic classification is much more powerful than Picasa. Anil Photos, the head of Google Sabharwal, said in his blog that the effort and resources to focus on a product can create a better user experience. Picture services have strategic implications for any large Internet Co, especially after smartphones become the most popular camera, and the demand for storage, management and sharing of pictures is even greater. Last October, Google announced that Google Photos’s monthly active users have exceeded 100 million, but rarely disclose Picasa related data. From the data point of view, Google Photos has been a relatively successful product, can completely replace the role of Picasa for Google. And Google Photos is a product for mobile devices, Picasa was born in the desktop Internet era. Many Google Photos users probably haven’t heard of Picasa at all. This is a product purchased by Google in 2004, and its main functions include web album and local image management client. Google used to push this product, but after 2011, Picasa’s development was essentially stagnant. For Google, streamlining the product line is better at focusing on core products. But Picasa users may be affected. First of all, Google will stop supporting the Picasa client in March 15th this year, and then developers will not be able to use part of Picasa API. However, for those who store photos on Picasa online albums, as long as you log on and open the Google Photos service, the original photos in Picasa will automatically transfer to Google Photos, which is seamless switching. If you don’t want to use Google Photos, you can still log on to the Picasa online album to view the photos, but will not be able to create or edit albums in the future.

谷歌图片服务Google Picasa将于今年5月关闭 Google Picasa将在今年5月关闭   四年来,Google Picasa 官方博客的首次更新带来的就是一个坏消息:Google 将于今年5月关闭该服务。自从 Google 推出 Google Photos 以来,人们就开始担心 Picasa 的命运,因为这两款服务有很多相似之处,而 Google Photos 的机器学习和自动归类要比 Picasa 强大的多。   Google Photos 的负责人 Anil Sabharwal 在博客中表示,把精力和资源集中在一款产品上能打造出更好的用户体验。图片服务对任何大型互联网公司来说都具有战略意义,尤其在智能手机成为最流行的相机之后,人们对存储、管理和分享图片的需求更大了。   去年10月,Google 曾宣布 Google Photos 的月活跃用户已经突破1亿,而很少公开 Picasa 的相关数据。从数据上来说,Google Photos 已经是一款相对成功的产品,可以完全取代 Picasa 对于 Google 的作用。而且 Google Photos 是为移动设备而生的产品,Picasa 则诞生于桌面互联网时代。   很多 Google Photos 的用户可能根本没有听说过 Picasa。这是 Google 在2004年收购的一款产品,主要功能包括网络相册以及本地图片管理的客户端。Google 曾经也力推过这款产品,但是在2011年之后,Picasa 的开发基本就进入了停滞状态。   对 Google 来说,精简产品线可以更好的专注于核心产品。但是 Picasa 的用户可能会受到一定的影响。首先是 Google 将在今年3月15日停止对 Picasa 客户端的服务支持,其次开发者将会无法使用部分 Picasa API。   不过对于那些将照片存储在 Picasa 网上相册的用户来说,只要登录并开启 Google Photos 服务,原来在 Picasa 的照片都会自动转移到 Google Photos 上,可谓无缝切换。如果你不愿使用 Google Photos 的话,你仍然可以登录到 Picasa 网上相册来查看照片,只是将来会无法创建或者编辑相册。相关的主题文章: