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Google push carpooling service in the United States: owners can only take the oil fee per day only allowed to do two single Tencent Francisco after several months of testing, Google (micro-blog) "Waze Rider" carpool services under the banner of the day, before the official in the California Bay area on the line, this means that Google will become part of the two rival Uber and Lyft the company’s "". According to the U.S. technology news site Engadget reported that the Waze service by Utako valley development company. Waze was originally an Israeli Crowdsourcing map and navigation services company, to be able to rely on road data provided by the owners, calculate the traffic congestion, and automatically recommend the best route, and later the company was acquired by Google, and integrated into Google maps and other products. The day before the carpool service has for the general public launch of the California Bay area. Prior to this, Google in the company and a small range of technology companies in the vicinity of the test. Google this service still belongs to carpool or ride, that same commuter route users share the same car. Uber company launched mobile car service does not provide Google, carpool service will not accept full-time private cars. Whether to drive or carpool, Google every day is allowed to have only two services and transactions. The driver’s income is 54 cents per mile (86 cents per kilometer), this standard is made according to a U.S. government under the Department of transportation, the driver can only obtain fuel compensation, can not be profitable. Allegedly, the driver only need to submit their initial position through the software, the system will automatically match Google, to accept other people carpool. Different and limousine service, Google will not security background checks, for driving people or passengers who are not required to provide insurance information, or upload pictures of cars. The purpose of Google services is still relatively simple, that is, in the same direction of the car seat is filled, but also to reduce the owner’s fuel costs. It is unclear whether Google will extend the service to more states and cities in the United states. According to foreign media reports, the current Uber and Lyft two car giants have launched in the U.S. carpool service, but the general effect, business accounted for a relatively small ratio is the most important business, the two companies are still private car drivers engaged in full-time soliciting limousine service. It is reported that the carpool service faces a traffic cultural barriers in the United states. In the United States a lot of highway, set up the "Carpool" (car sharing lanes), only the number of vehicles in line with certain requirements, to be able to enter such a small vehicle, fast lane. Therefore in the history and real life, many people are willing to take the initiative to drive in the car for free neighbors and friends go out, enough head number, it is convenient for the others, they can also enter the fast lane car sharing. In the face of this free carpool habit, whether charges mobile car services can be developed, still unknown. It is worth mentioning is that Google is currently Uber shareholders, the partnership between the first two companies, Google and even integrate limousine service to other Google maps. However, with the growing ambitions of the Internet Uber, the honeymoon period of the two companies already.相关的主题文章: