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Green shares the Commission was investigating the new joint investment of 9 private equity funds kanzouyan We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: new shares of the Commission was investigating 9 private equity funds kanzouyan each reporter intern song Ge three new board business green shares trouble constantly after the listing of reporter Zhang Yi (834632) and stalls. Recently, new shares to host the brokerage Haitong Securities issued a risk warning notice, said the new green shares have been an investigation by the Commission, and the new shares has not yet disclosed the 2016 semi annual report in October 31st, if still unable to complete the related work, the company stock is facing the risk of the termination of the listing. For new shares, many investors impressed. The company has been the darling of the agency, has been well-known investment management company in Silicon Valley paradise. In addition, according to the new shares disclosed in November 26, 2015 the public transfer instructions, the company was shareholders in the 17 non natural person shareholders include Everbright Securities, the new joint investment, the 9 shareholders of the private equity fund. According to the investigation by the SFC company Green shares sponsored by brokerage Haitong Securities released risk warning notice, because the green company suspected of violating securities laws and regulations, the Commission decided to initiate an investigation of the company. In fact, the new green shares since December 2015 after listing a lot trouble: as of August 1, 2016 the company announced that the company’s financial data are false; August 17th, organized by the brokerage also mentioned the associated risk of occupying the capital. Since April this year, the organizers have issued 7 times the risk of brokerage tips. At the same time, the company’s 2016 semi annual disclosure postponed several times, the company has postponed the announcement on August 23rd, August 29th bursts. As of October 26th, the new shares in 2016 semi annual report has not yet released. Organizers brokerage tip that the company due to financial self-examination and the reasons for the 2016 annual semi annual report has not been disclosed, the company’s stock has been suspended in the transfer of state. Up to now, the company is still in the process of financial self-examination and 2016 semi annual report preparation. If the company can not be in October 31, 2016 before the completion of semi annual disclosure, the company’s shares will face the risk of termination of listing. Was the darling data show that new shares is mainly engaged in beef cattle fattening, slaughtering and meat products processing and sales, has the independence and integrity of the procurement, breeding, slaughter and processing and sales system. Although the organizers are frequently prompted by the risk of brokerage, but the company is trading through the transfer of market making. In January 20th this year, after the listing of new shares of less than 1 months, from the transfer agreement to change the transfer market, by China Merchants Securities and other brokerage firms to provide market making services company stock. However, I am afraid the most depressed or body in which the body. New shares issued in November 26, 2015 public transfer instructions, the company was shareholders in the 17 non self theory相关的主题文章: