Greenland ice melting exposed U.S. secret nuclear missile base or the risk of leakage of nuclear was

Greenland ice melting exposed U.S. secret nuclear missile base or the risk of leakage of nuclear waste storage greenland! U.S. secret nuclear waste or leak a new study revealed that the United States had built a snow covered secret nuclear missile base in Greenland, after the abandoned. But with global warming, the ice melt, the buried under the ice base abandoned nuclear waste leak risk. This buried under the ice abandoned base formerly known as camp, was founded in 1959. At that time, the United States began to build a large ice in the northwest Greenland, under the name of the Arctic Research Laboratory, but in fact is a secret nuclear missile base. The project started 3 years later, the researchers found that glaciers move faster than expected, "century camp" is facing the risk of collapse, so the construction stagnation. In 1967, the United States formally abandoned the secret nuclear missile base. But then only the withdrawal of U.S. nuclear reactors, but left a lot of nuclear waste and other industrial wastes. Recently, the research team of the York University in Canada found that, with the global warming and the melting of the Greenland ice sheet, nuclear waste in the fortifications under the ice may leak. The research team predicted that by 2090, Greenland snow speed will be sufficient to compensate for the loss of ice melting, which means that buried under the ice nuclear waste may leak into the external environment. Even before 2090, the ice ablation produced by ice may also penetrate into the cracks in the ice under the fortifications, bring security risks. The report released after the Greenland autonomous government expressed concern". Canada York University engineering professor Liam · Colgan (Liam Colgan) said in an interview recently, the United States and Denmark have had previous experience disposal of nuclear leakage, therefore on the technical point of view, to deal with the "century camp" the risk of leakage of nuclear waste is not a problem, the key is the United States, Denmark who is willing to take responsibility, who "pay". In response, the U.S. Department of Defense said in a statement, the United States has taken note of this research report, but has not yet been evaluated." Danish Foreign Minister Christian ·, said Jensen, will pay close attention to the progress of the matter, to maintain dialogue with the relevant aspects.相关的主题文章: