Griezmann I deserve a European top

Griezmann: I deserve a European top three Griezmann in the game sina sports news on Thursday, the scene Griezmann will appear in the UEFA conference in Monaco, he and C Ronaldo, Baer entered the European player of the season on the final three candidates. In an interview with UEFA’s official website, Griezmann said: "I am very happy to win the nomination, but also very proud, I was walking on the right path to become the best player. I will continue to work hard to bring joy to my team-mates. To be proud, I think I deserve to be nominated because I have a great season for both the club and the national team." What are some of the best moments of the season? "There are bright spots in all the winning games, but the most important thing is the 14 final against Barcelona and the semi-final against Bayern, then the European Cup, because it is in france. We regret that we have not won the championship, but we are impressed with the game and we hope that the fans will do so." Was it the best season of his career last season? Glitz Man said, "yes, I think so. But I want the future to be better, to contribute a lot of goals, assists, and, of course, trophies." For the European player of the year award, Gregory Saltzman said: "this means I’m closer to your goal, that is to become one of the best players. We must continue to train hard to achieve the goal, at the same time enjoy everything off the field." (Silva)相关的主题文章: