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Guangzhou Wai village scenery behind thousands feast: for every room with villagers sighed before demolition Yang Kei village. Figure 1 Xinhua news October 2nd, former Guangzhou city "Chengzhongcun" Yang Kei village hold1000 Wai feast celebration to celebrate the completion of the transformation, the villagers accelerated new homes, more than 10000 people attended the banquet. Figure IC original title: Yang Kei village seven years starting in November 11, 2016 this reporter Huo Siyi total 780th Chinese "Newsweek" in memory of Yao Yunshan, the former Yang Kei village, the most memorable is her own on the rooftop of the pomegranate tree and honeydew. Pomegranate flower red Sihuo, white orchid white jade, floral blue. At that time, Yao Yunshan lived near the entrance to the village of a four storey building, as close to the road, so the lighting is good, unlike other farmers in the village since the building of dense lattice like crowded together, dark and damp, the first day is constant throughout the year scene. In June 2010, with the "boom", Yao Yunshan’s home was demolished and the hook bulldozer. Soon, in just two or three months, this has a 960 year history of the Millennium Village almost razed to the ground, only a few buildings belonging to the building who stood alone in the rubble ruins, still wet and dark, but there is no a day ago. For the first time, Yao Yunshan discovered that he had lived for nearly ten years. Previously, she stepped on a bicycle in the village in the narrow alleys around, winding road, splashes of water at the foot blasted Road on both sides of the hair and workers passed her, little Yao Yunshan to ride a long way around the home. At that time, she felt that the young Kei village big buildings and head with antenna like a net, but she is too small, no end. That year, Yao Yunshan was 11 years old, just on the junior high school, her home is in Guangzhou city of Yuexiu District Yang Kei village Taixing Street No. 54. Now, here is a 40 story modern elevator building. There was accelerated by the villagers, and mainly white-collar tenants. In front of the building is a small garden with flowers and grass and trees, the downstairs table sat two property management personnel, lazily basking in the sun. From 2010 demolition has passed seven years. The old Yang Kei village disappeared, the new Yang Kei village re growth in the original land passed down for generations. Have bid farewell to the chaos, now the young Kei village has become a fully modern community, and a city in the thousands on thousands of district does not have much difference, the only difference is perhaps the village by four old reconstruction of the ancestral temple, four surnames belong to occupy the largest proportion of the population of Yang Ji Cun, Li Qinliang yao. Looked up, the new building near the street outside hanging huge banners saying "congratulations best wishes for your new home owners," a few red livelily printed on the top, the air can still smell the recently "1000 Wai banquet" youyanwei. In October 2, 2016, five months after the completion of the housing to move back to Guangzhou, Yang Kei village put 1500 banquet to celebrate the new movements, small owners of more than 4 thousand households invited more than 12000 participants. At that time, specially invited from Shunde, 600 chefs and kitchen workers, in the interim相关的主题文章: