Guizhou cottage fire destroyed 60 houses have been named because of fire

Guizhou fire destroyed 60 houses had copycat fire hazard due to being named original title: Guizhou fire destroyed 60 houses copycat village was named fire hazard due to fire burned wood house. The fire scene is expanding rapidly, for half a copycat. Beijing News News (reporter Lin Feiran Yang Feng) the evening of February 20th 6 pm, Guizhou Province, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous County, Jianhe village spring fire, the fire quickly expanded, for half a copycat. 21 morning, the Beijing News reporter from Jianhe County propaganda department was informed that the preliminary statistics, the fire caused 120 people were affected, 60 houses burned, causing no casualties. On the evening of 20 11 pm, local villagers told the Beijing News reporter, by the fire which houses a wooden structure, because the village houses are mostly wooden structure, and between the housing and housing space are very close, so the fire spread quickly, the fire department rescue difficult. Public information, Jianhe Cen Songzhen Hot Springs Village in Guizhou province is the 30 one of the most charming ethnic village, China is named the Ministry of culture, Chinese modern folk village". Beijing News reporter noted, many media have reported that hot springs with original wooden structure houses, in recent years is to develop the tourism economy, but also has been named the fire problem. reported on March 2015, the Guizhou provincial public security fire brigade second steering group had entered the hot springs village, found the local fire facilities maintenance management is poor, with less and Water Leakage; every day someone shouted Gong did not implement the village, rescue, rescue, fire fighting team responsibilities is not clear enough. Village on the fire pump motor operation with fire drill is less, "Songzhen Cen and Spa Village Cadres organized the village 583 villagers immediately rectification, and strengthen the relevant fire prevention awareness, consciously strengthen the regular investigation of fire hazards. Also mention the Qiandongnan Tourism Bureau in July last year released the first half of 2015 the state key scenic spots to promote the work report, the local ethnic village scenic area there is fire facilities are not complete or not equipped with three lines, buried under the engineering difficult situation, which mainly includes a large area in the hot springs village project. According to the Jianhe County Propaganda Department informed the local departments at all levels of cadres and workers and villagers were more than 970 people to participate in the rescue, the fire was extinguished at around 11 pm. According to preliminary statistics, 120 affected people, no casualties, burned 60 houses, the 30 houses for emigration after the vacancy. At present, the affected people’s diet and living the initial placement.   Editor: Zhao Jiaming SN146 贵州山寨大火烧毁60栋房屋 曾因消防隐患被点名   原标题:贵州山寨大火烧毁60栋房屋 村寨曾因消防隐患被点名 大火将木质房屋烧毁。 现场火势迅速扩大,绵延半座山寨。   新京报快讯(记者林斐然 杨锋)2月20日晚间6时许,贵州省黔东南苗族侗族自治州剑河县温泉村发生大火,火势迅速扩大,绵延半座山寨。21日凌晨,新京报记者从剑河县委宣传部获悉,初步统计,大火致120人受灾,烧毁房屋60栋,未造成人员伤亡。   20日晚11时许,当地村民告诉新京报记者,火灾由其中一间木质结构房屋引起,由于村中房屋多为木结构,且房屋与房屋之间间隔非常近,因此火势蔓延很快,消防部门施救困难。   公开资料显示,剑河岑松镇温泉村是贵州省30个最具魅力民族村寨之一,是中国文化部命名的“中国现代民间画乡”。   新京报记者注意到,多家媒体曾报道,温泉村的借助木质结构的原生态民房,近年来正在大力发展旅游经济,而消防问题亦被多次点名。   据新华网2015年3月报道,贵州省公安消防总队第二督导组曾进入温泉村,发现当地“消防设施保养管护较差,水带较少且漏水;未落实专人每天鸣锣喊寨,救人、破拆、救火队伍责任不够明确。村干对消防机动泵使用操作不熟,灭火演练较少,”要求岑松镇和温泉村干部组织全村583户村民立即整改,并加强相关的火灾防范意识,自觉加强火灾隐患的经常性排查。   黔东南州旅游局于去年7月发布的2015年半年州重点景区工作推进情况报告中也提及,当地的民族村寨景区存在消防设施配备不齐全或没有配备,三线下埋工程难度大的情况,其中重点包括了位于温泉村内的某大型景区项目。   据剑河县委宣传部通报,当地各级各部门干部职工及村民共970余人参加救援,大火于晚11时左右被扑灭。据初步统计,受灾群众120人,无人员伤亡,烧毁房屋60栋,其中30栋为移民迁出后的空房。目前受灾群众的饮食和居住得到初步安置。   责任编辑:赵家明 SN146相关的主题文章: