Guoxin gold suit the Fed interest rate decision in reproduction is not harmonious soojin

Guoxin gold suit: the Fed interest rate decision will not reproduce the harmonious fundamentals news: today’s Asian session the RBA monetary policy meeting minutes released in September. The summary of economic growth, employment levels, the real estate market, inflation and other data to demonstrate the current development of the Australian economy. Minutes show that economic growth in line with the potential level, the current policy stance consistent with the inflation target. Therefore, the RBA hinted that interest rates will be stable, in September to maintain interest rates at 1.5%. After the publication of the minutes, the money instantly pulled up to near 0.75526, the market enthusiasm is high, are not affected by this week’s Federal Reserve interest rate decision. Compared to the Fed’s positive performance of the Fed appeared in a scene of discord. With the Fed’s bond trading in the 23 primary dealers, there are two views and the other 21 different bet that the Fed will raise the benchmark interest rate this week. According to statistics, this is the first time since September last year, there have been more than a dealer in the FOMC resolution when the week inconsistent with the market consensus. Of course, the Fed raised the benchmark interest rate, only the final interest rate meeting results can prove everything. Prior to this, market investors should remain vigilant. Evening news: today, investors need to focus on the United States announced the United States during the disc period in August the total number of new housing starts (10000) data. The expected value of 1 million 190 thousand people, if the published value is better than expected, indicating that the new housing construction market ample employment, labor employment is good, stable economic development, favorable u.s.. On the other hand, a stronger dollar weakness of gold and silver. Trading strategy analysis: Gold: Gold 4 hours this week, the Fed’s interest rate meeting soon, the overall volatility of gold today is smaller. From the golden 4 hours chart, gold is supported by the nearby 1314, and stood on the top of the 5 day moving average, but the overall 1310-1330 in the area between the shock. Currently need to focus on 1330 nearby resistance. Operational recommendations: radical, 1314 to do more, stop the loss of 1309, the target to see near the 1330. Robust, wait-and-see or consulting Guoxin consulting analyst. Spot silver: spot Silver 4 hours chart from the silver 4 hours chart, the overall range is not. Silver in the vicinity of 4135 once again suppressed, and backed by the 5 day moving average, the current multi thinking need to be cautious. Whether effective down, you need to focus on 4100 nearby support. Trading strategy: radical, 4115 short, stop the loss of 4145, the target to see near the 40854000. Robust, wait-and-see or consulting Guoxin consulting analyst. Spot platinum: spot platinum 4 hours chart from the spot platinum figure of 4 hours, platinum continued to be near the resistance in the vicinity of the, and MACD index under the sticky state of 0 axis. More need to be cautious in the late. 221 focus on the latter trend of resistance. Operational recommendations: radical, 220 short, stop 222, target to see near the 217. Robust, wait-and-see or consulting Guoxin consulting analyst. Spot palladium:.相关的主题文章: