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Haier smart water heater can be automatically cut off the power supply will be exhausted to the outside – Sohu Sohu CO science and technology science and technology paper wood Haier released the latest cloud wing intelligent safety series of gas water heater, to solve the three problems in the safety and the use of the user. To monitor the safety of domestic water heater, when the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) can be found to be synchronized to the system, the water heater will stop working, and send out sound and light alarm, start the fan discharge CO. Be able to solve the complex problem of user wiring. The latest development of power line carrier technology, the user wants to remote temperature control do not need embedded lines, only the volume such as palm sized infohold treasure, through the socket access wire can realize remote control, will not cause any damage to the home. The utility model solves the problem that users can not cause hot water instability due to the weather. Intelligent load wind pressure system, through the intelligent real-time monitoring center outdoor wind pressure, avoid the interference of downdraft gas water heater fire, leading to the bath water flameout problem sometimes hot and sometimes cold, even, the water heater is still in strong winds and other inclement weather safety and stable combustion. To solve the problem of anti leakage wall water heater electric water heater electric from 2001 to 2014, the launch of the carbon monoxide poisoning prevention gas leakage, gas water heater, solar water heater, heat pump water heater, Haier water heater has been a security key for research and development as the core. Haier water heater’s chief engineer Cao Guanzhong revealed that the anti electric wall technology Haier is equivalent to between the water heater and the body with a large resistance, even if you put the 250V line in water, then the voltage will not exceed 12V. After the successful development of this technology, it has been incorporated into the national safety standards and international IEC standards. 2015, the country will be anti wall technical standards from the recommended standard upgrade to mandatory standards". According to the statistics of industry online 2015, there are 7 sets of electric water heaters sold in China, there are 10 sets of Haier electric wall technology. The relevant information of the Ministry of public security, accounting for 30% of the fire power socket, in line with Haier, has been upgraded to security technology, gas water heater to prevent carbon monoxide leak of the next generation increased automatic fire prevention function of power cut, it is equipped with a carbon monoxide sensor, time detection, when the carbon monoxide alarm automatically, directly off the gas, the carbon monoxide emitted. Haier water heater security technology behind the escalating Haier invested heavily to build an open research and development platform. It is reported that after the construction of the platform to have 380 thousand of the resources in the above interaction, only the safety of the water heater there are more than 2 thousand interactive, the world’s most advanced technology for the first time in the Haier open research and development platform to share. In addition, Haier Internet factory manufacturing capacity, so we did 73 million Haier water heater zero electric shock, safety rate of one hundred percent." Cao Guanzhong said. From the water heater industry growth point of view, although the first half of the overall size of the overall domestic appliance market declined by 0.2%, but the water heater sales of $29 billion 200 million, an increase of 12%. According to the best research company (BSRIA) announced.相关的主题文章: