Hangzhou, a primary school opened the nap room open two hours a year winavi

A primary school in Hangzhou to open a nap room open two hours a year [Abstract] after lunch every day, many people are the most difficult period of time, because the sleepy. The new semester a school, guilty of this matter also let many parents worry about a grade, but not for themselves, but for children – from childhood to develop a nap habits, to the primary school did not have to sleep. Hangzhou, a primary school to enable the nap room children do not have to lie prone to sleep every day after lunch, is the most difficult one of many people Duan Shiguang, because of the sleepy. It is said that a new school semester, "sleepy" it also let many parents worry about the first grade, but not for themselves, but for their children, from childhood to primary school naps, no sleep, they will not meet? Afternoon class will not be sleepy, the teacher said nothing to listen to? The day before, Hangzhou Dangfeng experimental primary school enabled 12 "nap rooms", dedicated to the one or two grade children nap. Therefore, when the school student enrollment report, the hand is also more than a nap bag, which contains pillows and blankets. Wake up is TFboys’s song "nap room", as the name suggests, is dedicated to the children nap classroom. Now in the Royal experimental primary school, each class has a. The "classroom", at present, should be the first primary school in the city. It’s about the size of an ordinary classroom, with a layer of foam on the floor, the children put on the pillow, covered with blankets, you can enjoy a good nap time. Every nap room has a teacher to accompany, for a while to re cover the quilt kicking quilt child, while appease "rogue turn Flapjack". If the baby really awake, the teacher also allowed to sit up and read them, as long as not to disturb the other buddy on the line. 13 points, 50 minutes, the nap time of the end of the 05 minutes, the campus radio rang out of the ring, is TFboys’s youth training manual: "left hand, right hand, a slow motion……" Hear the idol singing, many children got up again. Probably because lying too comfortable, there are a few children slept over the head, the teacher shouted for a long time to wake up, out of the nap room, find their own shoes. "Teacher, my shoes don’t fit in." I saw a boy standing in the doorway to frown. Or a teacher have a way in the shoes team swept the eyes, bring out two children: "you 3 shoes, some people wearing the wrong!" In spite of this incident, but after the nap, one or two grade children was the spirit of a lot, full of gas shouted command back to the classroom. Nap room every year to open two sessions President Cao Xiaohong told the money newspaper reporter, the school opened a nap room, mainly considering the first year of the child’s young convergence problem. It is understood that the nap time special arrangements for Hangzhou primary school is not much, if any, have let the children lying on the table to rest. This sleep posture, is directly PASS teachers: experimental primary school, the reason is not very healthy, do not sleep. For example, the first two years, there is a girl in Zhejiang just a year ago, a problem with the cervical spine, accompanied by parents to the local hospital. The little girl said, lying in school napping a week, neck pain, neck broken feeling..相关的主题文章: