Harlem Yu married his wife back to the nest of happiness led two no child plan mentalist

Harlem Yu married his wife back to the nest of happiness led two no child program of Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported on September 23rd, the 55 year old Harlem Yu (Harlem Yu) at the end of July confirmed and 10 months of contacts from anchor Zhang Jiaxin Zhang Jiaxin after notarization to remarry, please holiday abroad honeymoon, it is reported that the couple in the house decoration is Daan district. The day before the media reporter witnessed Harlem Yu take Zhang Jiaxin home, after the debut of the 2 hand flash, but Harlem Yu looks poor. It is reported that the couple be no progress, understanding Zhang Jiaxin Harlem Yu not only not to have a second child, Harlem Yu’s mother did not birth, 14 year old son Harry and Zhang Jiaxin Harlem Yu with his ex-wife Annie Yi’s mother also get along well, almost no barriers. The Mid Autumn Festival on the same day, the media met Harlem Yu in Taipei east of the Porsche car, with all the way back to Harlem Yu’s apartment in the parking lot, then saw a woman wearing a dress to get off, take a look is Zhang Jiaxin. I saw her standing by the car and Harlem Yu stop, 2 people identified four fingers after no hand, a walk to Kazakhstan Lin, to wait until the neighbors lift they just let go. When the evening meal time, plus Zhang Jiaxin face makeup, dressed formally, it is speculated to be Harlem Yu while she was working in space, carrying her home with her mother to eat. After the media downstairs in about 1 hours, they again went downstairs to go out, Harlem Yu drove Zhang Jiaxin to work whether reluctant FTV, wife left, Harlem Yu’s face was in high spirits feel lost, Zhang Jiaxin, pointing out 2 people chat, hot and cold personality. But the media found that Harlem Yu had not seen a thin circle, almost unrecognizable, a closer look on his face a green a red, feeling a little tired, I just finished movement or sick, and before he had heart surgery after heat movement, work full of files and no rest, health is worrying. Harlem Yu and Annie Yi divorced after 9 years of marriage, when the elder Harlem Yu home in his old age with hope, but Harlem Yu does not know my friends cheerful personality, love sports, Zhang Jiaxin, the 2 exchanges progress rapidly, the media repeatedly photographed their sweet date. Harlem Yu was photographed looking poor, brokers geway clarified afterwards: "the face is not bad." As for Harlem Yu and Zhang Jiaxin to progress, Hui Chi said is not clear, Zhang Jiaxin did not answer the phone, did not return confirmation message.相关的主题文章: