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Hearthstone double start today 16:00 decisive battle luxury double travel flowers who [Abstract], hearthstone legend, now double – Carnival road today 16:00 usher in the final battle! Who can win the award of the competition, double luxury travel? Blizzard Carnival Deluxe Double Tour winners will be announced! After the September 3rd, 4 days after the wonderful game of the day, hearthstone legend, now double – Carnival road will usher in the final battle in on September 7th 16:00! Tao, Ander Roni, Valera, Mei, Hua Tuo, la la la, only Rosicky and the autumn 8 popular anchor, will be with their companions, to attack the champion belongs to the Blizzcon luxury double tour awards, the tournament runner can also get double tour reward time Scarlett blizzard. In this double now in the game, "hearthstone legend" latest adventure mode " Cara praise night " the latest card has a good performance. The kind-hearted grandmother, the mage’s grimoire, nonsense Druid museum guards, shaman ghost claw, Marc Zar warlock imp, and Barnes and curator of neutral orange card basically has become an integral part of the construction of the occupation contestant card groups. As a single card arcane fire magic, such a giant joint SA Longde hot this card group, is constantly brought wonderful performance in the game. With the intense finals started, I believe the audience can see a more exciting duel. Remove the game exciting fight, a major part of your partner is the anchor for the start of the double. The prisoner and star "to Su family" although ultimately failed to qualify for the top 8, but during the race to harvest countless cheers. The king boss parents and autumn couples represented by the husband and wife are in the game frequently love interactive, let the audience have them shouted, were fed dog food "at the same time. This wonderful start as his theme that is double, is a part of the players and the audience of the party, everyone can enjoy yourself here. The game time on September 7th (Wednesday) 16:00 to the final award winner: eight BlizzCon luxury couples runner up: BlizzCon Double Tour Game 1 each anchor will use the new account is now open 120 ob package plus three adventure mode to form the library (classic package *40+ package *40+ trial of the champion of the ancient gods whisper *40+ Cara praised the night + association + Heishishan explorers flame), the game is only allowed to use automatic decomposition function to decompose duplicate cards and required for the synthesis of new card; 2 to build 3 sets of each anchor deck, must not change during the game cards (each card should include at least 5 Zhang Cara praised the night of the new card); the 3 group match a group of 4 people divided into 4 groups, three occupation double defeat conquer the match, the top 2 teams qualify, a total of 8 people qualify. 8 to final for the single elimination format, until the winners of this competition will be used; 4 standard mode. This grand party is about to usher in the most exciting climax, who can go to the carnival with his companions, enjoy a double luxury travel award? Let us witness!相关的主题文章: