Hebei civil servants for 4 years not guilty to apply for state compensation to no avail puritans pride

Hebei civil servants for 4 years to no avail not guilty of state compensation for the original title: Hebei civil servants innocence 21 years without the state compensation Intern Yu Xudong China Youth Daily, youth online reporter Lu Yijie August 1995 has been adjudged not guilty of the civil servants of Hebei Gu Zengqun, the 930 thousand yuan of state compensation request has been rejected. Hebei province people’s court dismissed the grounds of Neiqiu County, the state compensation law enforcement in January 1, 1995, and the legitimate rights and interests of Gu Zengqun acts of violation occurred before December 31, 1994, acceptance does not belong to the scope of state compensation. In this regard, Gu Zengqun’s attorney that the valley is in the future Zengqun not guilty of the purposes of the national compensation law, when the end of commuted against the state, according to the Supreme People’s court had approved a similar problem, this case shall make compensation. In November 10th this year, Hebei City Intermediate People’s Court of Xingtai has received Gu Zengqun’s application for state compensation reconsideration. The advanced worker was found guilty of corruption, embezzlement Gu Zengqun is Hebei province Neiqiu County Agricultural Bureau of agricultural technology extension station responsible person. From the beginning of 1976, has been engaged in the valley Zengqun Bureau of agricultural technology extension, and won several awards and recognition. 1987, 1988, he was named the Xingtai area, Neiqiu county advanced workers in 1989 and won the two prize of progress in science and technology in Xingtai area. The trajectory of fate changed in 1990. In March of that year, the valley of Zengqun was arrested, the prosecution was subsequently to corruption, embezzlement of public funds. In October 1990, Neiqiu County People’s court verdict, Gu Zengqun guilty of embezzlement and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, guilty of embezzlement and sentenced to 2 years in prison, decided to implement 4 years in prison. The verdict, Zengqun Valley Agricultural Technology Service Company and the financial, a total of 6501.83 yuan embezzlement. One is, June 1986, valley Zengqun misappropriation of public funds 4183.7 yuan to buy a small tractor, 801.83 yuan to the incident are not returned, to be punished for corruption. Second is he in 1987 to purchase fertilizer name, will be 5750 yuan of transfer check Neiqiu County Bureau of agriculture agricultural technology service company to Neiqiu County chemical fertilizer plant, and the actual purchase of fertilizer, cash 5750 yuan. On the crime of embezzlement, judgment, Zengqun Valley in 1987 agricultural technology service company 11 thousand and 500 yuan of transfer check to Neiqiu County chemical fertilizer plant, by one of the villagers to buy 50 tons of fertilizer for profit. Gu Zengqun refused to accept the verdict, appeal to the Xingtai intermediate people’s court, the court of second instance upheld the ruling. In April 1990 before the court ruling, discipline inspection and Supervision Bureau, Neiqiu county has given Valley Zengqun expelled from the party and public action. After his sentence commuted innocence Gu Zengqun sentence to the end of March 18, 1994. During the valley Zengqun complaint did not stop. In March 1995, the Xingtai intermediate people’s court ruled that the revocation of the original judgment from the court one or two, Neiqiu County re trial. In August of the same year, Neiqiu county court that the case 8相关的主题文章: