Hefei, an intersection of millions of cash scattered over the floor of the police to the scene of th qqq258.com

Hefei an intersection million in cash scattered around the police to the scene who has not seen the money – Beijing, an online news according to the Anhui Daily reported yesterday afternoon, Hefei police said members of the public, to see a stack of a stack of hundred dollar bills in the vicinity of Longchuan road and Susong road junction to the side of the road, and the ground covered with five or six meters long, seventy or eighty cm wide, at least millions of dollars, do not know what happened." After the alarm, the police immediately rushed to the scene area. See this scene is the public Mr. lee. He said, about 12:20 before and after he drove through Longchuan road and Susong road junction, traveling from north to south, just past the crossroads, see the roadside in front of a red, "a closer look, full of money, it is 100 yuan bill." Why so much money? Mr. Lee was very surprised, he drove slowly from the side, to take this time, he finally saw these bills on the roadside. "Money is a stack stack, all hundred dollar bills. Covering an area of about five or six meters long, seventy or eighty cm wide, rough estimate of less than one million yuan." Lee said that the money next to a cardboard box, the feeling is that someone put money out of the cardboard box." Roadside suddenly appear so much money, of course, will cause the attention of passers-by. Lee saw 3 cars parked at the same time the roadside, the money is not related to the people on these vehicles, unknown, Mr. Lee quickly picked up the phone alarm 3. Lee admitted that he was so much money scared, because the situation is not clear, he did not dare to get off, after the police drove away from the scene. Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the scene. The scene is located about 50 meters south of the intersection, but the road did not find banknotes and other unusual circumstances, there are some pieces of cardboard boxes on the ground to stay on the ground. Reporters then learned from the evergreen police station, the police did receive a public alarm, and immediately rushed to the scene, but did not find cash and other personnel arrived. "Is there someone who had a dispute, threw the money on the ground, and then quickly disposed of?" Police said the incident was not received on the other alarm.相关的主题文章: